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Soft2Bet CEO Uri Poliavich Nominated for Global Gaming Awards Executive of the Year



In the world of gaming, a visionary leader is on the brink of receiving a prestigious accolade.

Uri Poliavich, the CEO and Founder of Soft2Bet, has clinched a coveted nomination for the Executive of the Year award at the esteemed Global Gaming Awards EMEA 2024. His remarkable journey, marked by innovation, expansion, and setting new standards, has catapulted him into the spotlight of the gaming industry.

Uri Poliavich’s Pinnacle of Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, leadership that stands out is rare and invaluable. Uri Poliavich, the driving force behind Soft2Bet, has not only stood out but also set a standard of excellence that has garnered him a place on the shortlist for the Executive of the Year award at the Global Gaming Awards EMEA 2024.

Poliavich’s journey in the gaming sector began in 2016 when he founded Soft2Bet. From those early days, his visionary leadership has been instrumental in transforming the company into a global powerhouse in both the B2B and B2C segments of the iGaming industry. Under his guidance, Soft2Bet has experienced phenomenal growth.

A Year of Remarkable Achievements

The past year has been a testament to Uri Poliavich’s leadership prowess. Notably, Soft2Bet embarked on a journey of international expansion, making its mark in seven new markets. This strategic move not only showcased Poliavich’s ability to identify growth opportunities but also demonstrated his dedication to propelling Soft2Bet onto the global stage.


Innovation has been at the heart of Poliavich’s approach. Soft2Bet introduced the groundbreaking Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA), a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of iGaming. This innovation has redefined the player experience and set new industry standards.

A Cohesive Team Culture

Leadership extends beyond strategy and innovation; it also encompasses the ability to foster a cohesive team culture. Uri Poliavich’s leadership style prioritizes growth and innovation while nurturing a sense of unity within the organization. This has been a key factor in Soft2Bet’s exponential growth.

Poliavich’s team-oriented approach has created an environment where every member feels valued, motivated, and inspired to contribute to the company’s success. This culture has been instrumental in Soft2Bet’s ability to execute its strategic vision effectively.

The Prestige of Global Gaming Awards

The Global Gaming Awards are a hallmark of excellence in the gaming industry, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions. Being shortlisted for the Executive of the Year award is a testament to Uri Poliavich’s impact on the gaming landscape. It reflects his dedication to innovation, expansion, and elevating industry standards.


The rigorous selection process and the involvement of industry executives ensure transparency and fairness in the awards. With KPMG overseeing the voting process, the integrity of the Global Gaming Awards is unquestionable.

The Future of Gaming Leadership

Uri Poliavich’s nomination for the Executive of the Year award signifies not only his personal accomplishments but also the direction in which the gaming industry is headed. As a visionary leader, he has set a precedent for others to follow. His journey with Soft2Bet serves as an inspiration to aspiring leaders in the gaming world.

In conclusion, Uri Poliavich’s shortlisting for the Executive of the Year award at the Global Gaming Awards EMEA 2024 is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding leadership and the remarkable achievements of Soft2Bet. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, leaders like Poliavich play a pivotal role in shaping its future. His journey from a visionary founder to a globally recognized CEO exemplifies the transformative power of innovation, dedication, and visionary leadership in the world of gaming.


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