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KSA Calls for Improved Duty of Care in Dutch Arcades



KSA Urges Enhanced Duty of Care in Dutch Arcades Following Inspections

The Dutch arcade industry faces urgent scrutiny and demands for change!

Recent KSA inspections highlight significant gaps in the duty of care to prevent gambling addiction.

Learn how these findings could reshape the standards for arcade operators across the Netherlands.

Stay informed about the KSA’s recommendations and future guidelines to enhance player protection.


KSA Urges Enhanced Duty of Care in Dutch Arcades Following Inspections

The Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA) has recently published findings from comprehensive inspections of 20 arcades across the Netherlands, underscoring a critical need for enhanced implementation of duty of care measures to prevent and limit gambling addiction. The inspections, carried out in December and January, reveal that while many arcades acknowledge their responsibilities, significant areas require urgent improvement.

The inspections were part of the KSA’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with the Koa Act, which mandates arcades to actively prevent gambling addiction. However, the practical application of these regulations often falls short, posing risks to players.

Key Observations from the Inspections

  1. Familiarity with Regular Players: While staff at many arcades are familiar with the personal circumstances and playing behavior of regular patrons, there is often a lack of concrete action in terms of registering signs of potential gambling issues or intervening appropriately. This familiarity must translate into proactive measures to identify and assist at-risk players.
  2. Monitoring Play Time: Long play times are generally viewed as a risk factor, but the methods for monitoring this vary and are often insufficient. Notably, none of the inspected arcades enforce a maximum play time, which is particularly concerning for those operating 24 hours a day. Effective monitoring and enforcement of play time limits are crucial to prevent excessive gambling.
  3. Multiple Machine Play: All visited arcades allowed play on multiple slot machines simultaneously and the booking of machines. While not prohibited, these practices can contribute to excessive gambling behavior. The KSA recommends reconsidering these practices to mitigate risks.
  4. Insufficient Monitoring: Many arcades do not adequately monitor other indicators of excessive gambling, such as frequent or prolonged visits and numerous transactions per visit. Improved surveillance and data analysis can help identify problematic behavior earlier.

Following the inspections, the KSA sent letters to the visited arcades, highlighting specific areas for improvement. These include better staff training, more robust monitoring systems, and stricter enforcement of play time limits. The KSA plans to issue comprehensive guidance later this year for all license holders, detailing the points identified and providing specific recommendations on enhancing the duty of care.

Increased Fines for Illegal Gambling Terminals

In a related development, the KSA announced in June 2024 an increase in fines for illegal gambling terminals. The basic fines now range from €25,000 ($27,009) to €100,000 per device, compared to the previous range of €7,500 to €20,000. This significant increase aims to address the growing use of mobile devices and other terminals for illegal gambling activities. By imposing harsher penalties, the KSA seeks to deter illegal operations and ensure a safer gambling environment.

Future Outlook and Recommendations

The KSA’s findings underscore the urgent need for arcades to enhance their duty of care measures. As the KSA prepares to issue detailed guidance, arcade operators must take proactive steps to comply with regulatory expectations. This includes:

  • Implementing Comprehensive Staff Training: Ensuring that all staff members are adequately trained to recognize and respond to signs of gambling addiction.
  • Enforcing Play Time Limits: Introducing and strictly enforcing maximum play time limits to prevent excessive gambling.
  • Enhancing Surveillance Systems: Utilizing advanced surveillance and data analysis tools to monitor player behavior effectively.
  • Proactive Intervention: Developing clear protocols for staff to intervene when signs of gambling addiction are detected.

The KSA’s increased focus on duty of care reflects a broader commitment to protecting players and maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry in the Netherlands. By addressing these issues head-on, the KSA aims to foster a safer and more responsible gaming environment.


The recent inspections and subsequent findings by the KSA highlight critical areas for improvement in Dutch arcades’ duty of care practices. As the KSA continues to enforce stricter regulations and provide comprehensive guidance, arcade operators must adapt to meet these heightened standards. This collaborative effort will be essential in safeguarding players and ensuring the responsible operation of gambling venues across the Netherlands. Stay tuned for further updates as the KSA’s initiatives unfold and shape the future of gambling regulation.

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