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Ontario iGaming Surpasses Five-Year Economic Goals in Just Two Years



Ontario’s iGaming Triumph: Surpassing Five-Year Economic Goals in Just Two Years

Ontario’s iGaming sector has achieved what seemed impossible, outperforming five-year economic targets in just two years.

This remarkable achievement showcases the sector’s rapid growth, substantial job creation, and significant contributions to government revenues.

Discover how Ontario’s iGaming industry is setting new standards, driving innovation, and displacing unregulated markets while providing robust player protections.

Dive into the detailed analysis of this success story and learn how Ontario became a global leader in the iGaming space.


Ontario’s iGaming Triumph: Surpassing Five-Year Economic Goals in Just Two Years

Ontario’s commercial iGaming sector has outshined expectations, hitting or nearly reaching five-year economic targets set by Deloitte within its second year of operation. This incredible feat includes substantial contributions to GDP, job creation, and government revenue.

Impressive Economic Contributions

A Deloitte report, published on June 19, highlighted that Ontario’s iGaming market, excluding the state-backed lottery operator, contributed CA$2.7 billion (US$1.97 billion) to the province’s GDP and sustained nearly 15,000 full-time equivalent jobs. Of this, $1.3 billion contributed directly to labor income.

In comparison, during its first year of operation, the market contributed $1.58 billion to Ontario’s GDP, following the launch of the online gambling market on April 4, 2022. This rapid growth has surpassed many of Deloitte’s projections.

Surpassing Job Creation and Revenue Targets

Between April 2023 and April 2024, direct jobs sustained by the iGaming sector reached 120% of Deloitte’s five-year prediction. Government revenues achieved 94% of the forecast, while total full-time jobs sustained reached 92%, and GDP contributions hit 93%. The report also revealed that for every dollar spent by operators on operational and capital expenses, $1.4 of economic activity was added to the province’s economy.


Doug Downey, Ontario’s Attorney General, remarked, “Our made-in-Ontario iGaming sector is being recognized internationally for its success as a leader in this space. Working together with our partners and industry, we will continue to drive innovation and deliver robust player protections, all while displacing the unregulated market.”

Government Revenue Soars

The contribution towards federal, provincial, and municipal governments soared to $1.24 billion from $761 million in the first year. Of the total, $790 million supported provincial government revenue, $75 million aided municipal revenues, and $380 million bolstered federal government revenue. Ontario’s regulated competitive iGaming market, excluding offerings by OLG, sustained an additional 2,800 full-time equivalent jobs in its second year. This brings the total to 15,000 jobs, with 2,675 in direct employment.

Wagering Milestones

In the second year of Ontario’s regulated online gambling market, a staggering $63 billion in wagers were placed. Wagering peaked in Q4, reaching $17.8 billion, after starting the year at $14 billion in Q1 and growing steadily. Q2 saw $14.2 billion in wagers, and Q3 experienced a significant jump to $17.2 billion.

Driving Innovation and Player Protection

The success of Ontario’s iGaming sector is not only measured by economic indicators but also by its commitment to innovation and player protection. The province has been recognized for its robust regulatory framework that ensures a safe and fair gaming environment. This has been crucial in displacing the unregulated market, providing players with a secure and enjoyable experience.


Ontario’s achievements in the iGaming industry serve as a blueprint for other regions aiming to regulate and capitalize on the online gambling market. The province’s approach highlights the importance of a well-structured regulatory framework that balances economic growth with player protection.

A Sustainable and Responsible Industry

Doug Downey emphasized the sustainability and responsibility of Ontario’s iGaming sector, stating, “Our iGaming sector is not only a job creator here in Ontario, but it shows the world our ongoing commitment to building a sustainable and responsible iGaming industry.”

This focus on sustainability and responsibility has been integral to the sector’s success. By prioritizing these values, Ontario has managed to build a thriving iGaming industry that benefits the economy and safeguards the interests of its players.

The Future of Ontario’s iGaming Market

Looking ahead, Ontario’s iGaming sector is poised for continued growth. The impressive performance in the initial years has laid a strong foundation for future expansion. The province’s commitment to innovation and player protection will likely attract more operators and players, further boosting the market.


The success story of Ontario’s iGaming market is a testament to the potential of a well-regulated gambling industry. It demonstrates that with the right policies and a focus on responsible gaming, the iGaming sector can be a significant economic driver.


Ontario’s iGaming sector has achieved remarkable success in a short span, surpassing five-year economic targets within just two years. This achievement underscores the potential of the iGaming industry to drive economic growth, create jobs, and generate substantial government revenue. As Ontario continues to innovate and prioritize player protection, it sets a benchmark for other regions looking to regulate and benefit from the iGaming market.

By balancing economic ambitions with a commitment to sustainability and responsibility, Ontario has positioned itself as a global leader in the iGaming sector. The future looks bright for Ontario, with the potential for even greater achievements in the years to come.


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