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Swedish Regulator Fines Kanon Gaming SEK 7 Million



Swedish Regulator Fines Kanon Gaming SEK 7 Million for Failing Duty of Care

Picture a major gaming operator facing a hefty fine for not protecting its players adequately.

Sweden’s gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, has fined Kanon Gaming SEK 7 million for failing to meet duty of care standards.

Learn how these regulatory actions aim to enforce compliance and protect consumers in Sweden’s dynamic gambling market.

Explore the detailed reasons behind the fine and its implications for the future of gambling regulations in Sweden.


Swedish Regulator Fines Kanon Gaming SEK 7 Million for Failing Duty of Care

In a decisive move to enforce compliance and protect consumers, the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen) has imposed a SEK 7 million (€623,000) penalty on Kanon Gaming. This significant fine underscores the regulator’s commitment to ensuring that gambling operators adhere to strict duty of care requirements under the Swedish Gaming Act.

The Regulatory Review

Spelinspektionen conducted an in-depth audit of Kanon Gaming to assess its compliance with duty of care obligations. This audit focused on how the operator managed suspicions of excessive gambling among its customers and the measures taken to mitigate such behavior. The review revealed several shortcomings in Kanon Gaming’s procedures.

Findings and Violations

The regulator’s findings were concerning:

  • Lack of Appropriate Procedures: Kanon Gaming did not have robust procedures to protect customers from excessive gambling.
  • Failure to Reduce Gambling: The operator failed to help customers reduce their gambling when there were signs of problematic behavior.
  • Reactive Rather Than Proactive: Kanon Gaming did not work proactively or in a risk-based manner in addressing excessive gambling.
  • Inadequate Measures for Young Players: There was no clear description of measures to be taken in cases of excessive gambling among young players (18-24 years).

As a result, Spelinspektionen concluded that Kanon Gaming violated the duty of care regulations stipulated in the Gaming Act (2018:1138).

The Impact on Kanon Gaming

Kanon Gaming Limited holds a license for commercial online gaming, operating several websites, including,,, and The hefty fine and warning issued by Spelinspektionen will likely impact the operator’s business operations and reputation. This action serves as a stark reminder of the stringent regulatory environment in Sweden and the importance of adhering to duty of care requirements.


Broader Regulatory Actions

This fine is part of a broader effort by Spelinspektionen to crack down on non-compliance within the gambling industry. Earlier this month, the regulator banned four businesses for offering illegal skin gambling platforms to Swedish consumers. These companies, Gamevio Ltd, Bigskin Trading Limited, Santeda International BV, and, were found to be providing gaming services without a license.

In April, Spelinspektionen had also banned Newera Frozen PTE Limited and Aprodi Limited for similar offenses. These operators were marketing their illegal services through user-generated content on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, further highlighting the regulator’s vigilance in monitoring and addressing illicit gambling activities.

The Importance of Duty of Care

Duty of care in the gambling industry involves a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating gambling-related harms. This includes monitoring player behavior, implementing self-exclusion programs, and providing resources for responsible gambling. Operators must ensure that they have robust systems in place to detect and address excessive gambling behaviors, particularly among vulnerable groups such as young adults.

Spelinspektionen’s Commitment to Consumer Protection

Spelinspektionen’s actions demonstrate its unwavering commitment to consumer protection. By enforcing strict duty of care regulations, the regulator aims to create a safer gambling environment and prevent gambling-related harms. This approach not only protects consumers but also ensures that the gambling market operates fairly and transparently.


Industry Implications

The fine imposed on Kanon Gaming sends a clear message to all gambling operators in Sweden: non-compliance with duty of care requirements will not be tolerated. Operators must invest in robust compliance systems and adopt a proactive approach to responsible gambling. Failure to do so can result in severe financial penalties and damage to their reputation.

Future of Gambling Regulations in Sweden

The Swedish gambling market is highly regulated, with strict laws designed to protect consumers and ensure fair play. As the market continues to evolve, it is likely that Spelinspektionen will implement even stricter regulations and increase its monitoring efforts. Operators must stay informed about regulatory changes and ensure they remain compliant to avoid penalties.


The SEK 7 million fine imposed on Kanon Gaming by Spelinspektionen highlights the critical importance of duty of care in the gambling industry. As Sweden’s regulatory environment becomes increasingly stringent, operators must prioritize compliance and adopt proactive measures to protect their customers. This landmark decision underscores the need for robust procedures and a commitment to responsible gambling. By adhering to these principles, operators can contribute to a safer, more transparent gambling market in Sweden.

The implications of this ruling extend beyond Kanon Gaming, serving as a warning to all gambling operators about the consequences of non-compliance. As the industry navigates this complex regulatory landscape, the emphasis on consumer protection and fair play will continue to shape the future of gambling in Sweden.


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