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Aposta Ganha Partners with Netflix: First Gaming Collaboration in Brazil



Aposta Ganha Partners with Netflix: Pioneering Collaboration in Brazilian Sports Betting

Aposta Ganha Teams Up with Netflix: Revolutionizing Advertising in Brazilian Sports Betting

The landscape of sports betting in Brazil is undergoing a significant transformation. Are you ready to witness the future of gaming and entertainment?

Aposta Ganha, the fastest-growing sports betting and casino platform in Brazil, has made history by becoming the first betting brand to partner with Netflix for exclusive advertising campaigns. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the intersection of sports betting and streaming entertainment.

Discover how this innovative partnership, featuring football legend Rafa Márquez, is set to captivate millions of viewers and redefine marketing strategies within the gaming industry.

Explore the exciting details of this collaboration and see how Aposta Ganha is leading the way in sports betting and casino advertising.


Aposta Ganha Partners with Netflix: Pioneering Collaboration in Brazilian Sports Betting

Aposta Ganha, the fastest-growing Brazilian sports betting and casino site, has secured a groundbreaking agreement with Netflix to become the first betting brand to exclusively run advertising campaigns in Brazil. This collaboration signifies a monumental step in the marketing strategies of the gaming industry, bringing sports betting advertisements to one of the largest streaming platforms in the world.

A Groundbreaking Campaign with Football Icon Rafa Márquez

The campaign features Rafa Márquez, the former Barcelona player and Mexican national football team idol, in a captivating 30-second commercial. The concept, developed by Aposta Ganha’s marketing team in collaboration with a Spanish production company, perfectly captures the excitement and adrenaline of football through powerful imagery and a compelling script. This short film, already being aired, can be viewed within Netflix’s basic package, offering unparalleled exposure.

Dominating the Streaming Market

Netflix, the leading streaming platform in Brazil, holds a 27% market share according to JustWatch Q4 2023 data, equating to an impressive 66 million users. This partnership allows Aposta Ganha to tap into this vast audience, showcasing their brand to millions of viewers who are passionate about sports and entertainment.

A Historic Partnership

Hugo Baungartner, Chief Commercial Officer of Aposta Ganha, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “Working with Rafa Márquez on this beautiful video piece was a joy, and the results speak for themselves. Our marketing team has brilliantly captured the essence of the world’s most popular sport, which is a major part of Aposta Ganha’s story. Partnering with Netflix is not only a first for the betting industry but a golden opportunity to showcase our brand in front of millions of viewers.”


This partnership marks the first time Netflix has collaborated with a betting brand for advertising, setting a new precedent in the industry. It highlights Aposta Ganha’s innovative approach to marketing and their commitment to expanding their reach within the Brazilian market.

The Power of Strategic Marketing in Sports Betting

The collaboration between Aposta Ganha and Netflix is a testament to the power of strategic marketing in the sports betting industry. By leveraging the popularity of streaming platforms, Aposta Ganha is able to reach a broader audience, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement. This innovative approach not only sets them apart from competitors but also opens up new avenues for growth and revenue generation.

The Future of Sports Betting Advertising

This partnership paves the way for future collaborations between betting brands and streaming platforms. As the lines between entertainment and gaming continue to blur, we can expect more innovative marketing strategies that cater to the evolving preferences of consumers. The success of this campaign will likely inspire other brands to explore similar opportunities, driving further innovation in the industry.


Aposta Ganha’s partnership with Netflix is a pioneering move that highlights the evolving landscape of sports betting advertising. By featuring football legend Rafa Márquez in a compelling ad campaign, they have successfully captured the essence of the sport and showcased their brand to millions of viewers. This collaboration not only marks a significant milestone for Aposta Ganha but also sets a new standard for the gaming industry.


For businesses in the sports betting sector, this partnership serves as a powerful example of how innovative marketing strategies can drive growth and engagement. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing new technologies and platforms will be crucial for staying competitive and reaching new audiences.

Aposta Ganha has not only set a precedent but has also opened up exciting possibilities for the future of sports betting advertising. This collaboration with Netflix is just the beginning, and it will be fascinating to see how the industry continues to innovate and grow in the coming years.

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