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Kindred Group’s Amendments Facilitate FDJ Group’s Tender Offer



Unveiling the Future: Kindred Group’s Strategic Amendments Usher in a New Era of Gaming Dominance

In a decisive move that marks a turning point in the gambling industry, the Kindred Group’s shareholders have given their overwhelming approval to pivotal amendments. These changes pave the way for the FDJ Group’s tender offer, heralding a new era of strategic consolidation. With the introduction of squeeze-out rights, Kindred Group is not just adapting; it’s redefining its trajectory towards unparalleled growth and industry leadership. This historic decision underscores a visionary shift, promising to reshape the future of online gaming. Let’s dive into the essence of these amendments and their profound impact on the gambling landscape.

The Catalyst for Change

During an extraordinary general meeting, a staggering 99.99% of Kindred Group‘s shareholders, representing 41.64% of the total shares and Swedish depository receipts (SDRs) in issue, cast their vote in favor of amending the company’s memorandum and articles of association. This amendment introduces squeeze-out rights for an offeror, a strategic move that enhances the company’s appeal to potential acquirers like the FDJ Group. Such overwhelming support not only showcases the shareholders’ trust in the board’s direction but also signifies a unanimous drive towards a future of prosperity and expansion.

The Mechanics of the Amendment

The amendment’s approval required a hefty 75% of the nominal value of the shares/SDRs present and voting, a threshold comfortably surpassed thanks to the unified vision of Kindred’s stakeholders. Embedded within the legal framework of the Companies Act (Cap. 386 of the Laws of Malta), this change is more than procedural; it’s a cornerstone for strategic acquisitions. By enabling squeeze-out rights, Kindred Group positions itself for a seamless integration into the FDJ Group’s expansive portfolio, subject to the latter acquiring at least 90% of Kindred’s capital.

Setting the Stage for FDJ Group’s Tender Offer

This adjustment in Kindred Group’s bylaws is not merely administrative. It’s a calculated step towards facilitating FDJ Group’s public tender offer, a move that could redefine competitive dynamics within the online gaming sector. Filed with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA), the tender offer’s success hinges on these crucial amendments. It signals a transition towards a merger that promises to leverage Kindred’s extensive market presence and FDJ Group’s robust financial and strategic resources, setting a precedent for future industry consolidations.


The Threshold for Transformation

The extraordinary general meeting on 15 March was a landmark moment, not just for Kindred Group but for the entire online gaming industry. By approving the amendment for the implementation of a squeeze-out procedure above a 90% capital ownership threshold, Kindred’s shareholders demonstrated a forward-looking approach. This pivotal decision ensures that, upon reaching the 90% ownership mark, FDJ Group can integrate Kindred’s operations fully, unlocking synergies and accelerating growth in new and existing markets.

Regulatory Green Light

The path to this strategic alliance was further cleared with the SFSA’s approval of the “offer document” for FDJ Group’s tender offer. This regulatory nod, coming on 19 February 2024, underscores the meticulous planning and compliance efforts behind the scenes. With the offer officially launched on 20 February 2024, and remaining valid for a maximum of 39 weeks, the clock is ticking on a deal that promises to reshape the landscape of online gambling.

The Strategic Implications

The approval of these amendments by Kindred Group’s shareholders is not just a procedural victory; it’s a strategic masterstroke. It opens the door to a partnership that leverages the strengths of both Kindred and FDJ Group, creating a powerhouse in the online gaming world. This move not only enhances shareholder value but also fortifies the company’s position in a highly competitive market, ensuring its resilience and growth in the face of evolving consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes.


The Kindred Group’s shareholder approval of critical amendments marks a pivotal moment in the online gambling industry’s evolution. By embracing squeeze-out rights and facilitating FDJ Group’s tender offer, Kindred Group is not just navigating the present; it’s crafting its future. This strategic foresight promises to catapult the company into a new realm of possibilities, where innovation, growth, and leadership redefine what it means to be a powerhouse in the global gaming market. As we stand on the brink


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