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SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Partners with Ready Play for Enhanced iGaming Experience



Experience the next level of iGaming as the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator partners with Ready Play to enhance your gaming adventures. Discover the thrilling world of immersive slots and gamified experiences in this exciting collaboration.

The Powerhouse Partnership: SOFTSWISS and Ready Play

In a strategic move aimed at further enriching the iGaming landscape, the renowned SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has joined forces with Ready Play, a game provider with a remarkable 20-year legacy. This collaboration promises to bring a diverse array of immersive and engaging slot games to the global iGaming market, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

One of Ready Play’s distinguishing factors is its certification by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission, Channel Islands. This certification adds a layer of trust and credibility to their offerings, making it an exciting addition for existing SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator client brands. Together, these industry giants are committed to delivering comprehensive services to clients and curating an unparalleled gaming adventure for players worldwide.

Innovative Features and Player-Centric Approach

Ready Play stands out in the industry due to its internally crafted innovative features, including gamified slots such as ‘Reel Bingo’ and ‘Snakes & Ladders.’ These features inject an additional layer of entertainment into the player experience, taking it beyond conventional slot gaming. What sets these features apart is their foundation in thorough statistical data and analysis, ensuring that players enjoy a truly engaging experience.


This commitment to research and analysis aligns perfectly with the ethos of the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, which diligently conducts research among its client base to sculpt exceptional offerings in the market. The synergy between Ready Play’s innovative features and SOFTSWISS’s user-focused approach fortifies their collaborative partnership.

Player-Centric Game Development

One of Ready Play’s unique approaches during the content production stage is involving real players in game testing. This player-centric method allows the provider to craft a genuinely distinct gaming experience. By gathering crucial feedback directly from players, Ready Play can refine its products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of entertainment and engagement.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator shares a similar commitment to enhancing user experiences, making this partnership even more compelling. The focus on player-centric game development is a cornerstone of both organizations, ensuring that every gaming session is tailored to the players’ preferences and expectations.

Leadership Perspectives and Goals

Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “The excellence of our Game Aggregator in iGaming is attributed to the robustness and variety of its offerings. Collaborating with providers like Ready Play allows us to sustain our leading positions. Ready Play’s games deliver distinctive, unparalleled experiences, and we are eager to observe their reception across our network.”


Grant Benson, Commercial Officer of Ready Play, expresses excitement about making their top-quality games accessible through a content hub that reaches diverse audiences worldwide. Benson states, “Our goal is to provide our games to the most discerning players possible, and partnering with SOFTSWISS allows us to achieve precisely that. The integration with the Game Aggregator not only showcases the incredible potential of our brand but also opens up avenues for new business opportunities.”

SOFTSWISS and Ready Play: Elevating the iGaming Experience

Recently, the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator made waves by announcing a cross-product integration with the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator. This addition complements the platform’s existing capability to launch projects with sports betting, a functionality that has seen active utilization by clients of the aggregation platform.

In conclusion, the partnership between SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and Ready Play signifies a pivotal moment in the iGaming industry. With an emphasis on innovative features, player-centric game development, and a shared commitment to enhancing user experiences, this collaboration promises to redefine the standards of online gaming. Players can anticipate a new era of immersive entertainment and engagement as these industry giants work together to shape the future of iGaming.


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