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Michigan Gaming Board Seizes Illegal Gambling Machines in Saginaw



Michigan Gaming Control Board Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: Slot Machines Seized in Saginaw

Imagine a bustling bar in Saginaw, Michigan, suddenly raided for illegal gambling activities. The scene underscores a growing issue.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) and state authorities have intensified efforts to eradicate unlicensed gambling operations.

Learn how these decisive actions aim to uphold the integrity of Michigan’s gambling industry and protect public welfare.

Discover the full story behind the recent confiscation of illegal gaming machines and its broader implications for the industry.


Michigan Gaming Control Board Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: Slot Machines Seized in Saginaw

In a decisive move to uphold state gambling laws, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Attorney General and the Michigan State Police, executed a search warrant at the Red Horse Bar in Saginaw. The raid resulted in the confiscation of six slot-style gaming machines, $2,820 in gift cards, and $5,161 in suspected gambling proceeds.

The Raid: A Detailed Account

The operation, which took place at the Red Horse Bar located at 4780 State Street, was part of an ongoing effort by Michigan authorities to crack down on illegal gambling activities. Despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter, the bar’s owners continued to operate the unlicensed gaming machines, prompting the MGCB to take more stringent action.

MGCB executive director Henry Williams emphasized the board’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the state’s gambling industry. “The Michigan Gaming Control Board remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring compliance with all state gambling regulations. We will continue to work diligently to identify and eliminate any illegal gambling activities that pose a threat to the integrity of the industry and the welfare of the public,” Williams stated.

Legal Repercussions

Following the raid, the defendants were arraigned on felony gambling charges and subsequently released on $6,000 personal bonds. This legal action underscores the serious nature of operating illegal gambling machines and the state’s determination to prosecute such offenses rigorously.


Broader Enforcement Actions by MGCB

The confiscation in Saginaw is part of a broader initiative by the MGCB to tackle illegal gambling across Michigan. In 2023 alone, the MGCB reported significant enforcement actions:

  • 64 businesses received orders to cease illegal gambling.
  • 167 illegal gambling machines were removed from operation.
  • 79 machines were seized.
  • Nine individuals received criminal gambling convictions.
  • 24 people were arraigned on illegal gambling charges.

These statistics highlight the extensive efforts by the MGCB to curb illegal gambling activities and ensure compliance with state laws.

The Impact on Michigan’s Gambling Landscape

Illegal gambling machines, often found in bars, convenience stores, and private clubs, pose a significant challenge to regulated gambling operations. These unlicensed machines operate outside of the legal framework, depriving the state of tax revenue and potentially exploiting players. Moreover, they undermine the regulated gaming industry, which adheres to strict standards to ensure fair play and consumer protection.

By confiscating illegal gaming machines, the MGCB aims to level the playing field for licensed operators and protect consumers from unregulated and potentially fraudulent activities. The board’s proactive stance is crucial in maintaining the integrity of Michigan’s gambling industry and ensuring that all gambling activities are conducted within the bounds of the law.

Community and Public Welfare

The presence of illegal gambling machines can have detrimental effects on local communities. These machines often attract criminal activities and can lead to an increase in problem gambling. The MGCB’s efforts to remove these machines are not only about upholding the law but also about safeguarding public welfare. By eliminating illegal gambling operations, the board helps reduce the associated social harms and promotes a safer environment for all residents.


Collaboration and Future Initiatives

The successful raid in Saginaw exemplifies the effective collaboration between the MGCB, the Michigan Department of Attorney General, and the Michigan State Police. This coordinated effort is essential for addressing the pervasive issue of illegal gambling.

Looking ahead, the MGCB plans to continue its rigorous enforcement actions. Future initiatives will likely include increased surveillance, more frequent inspections, and enhanced public awareness campaigns about the dangers of illegal gambling. The board also encourages citizens to report any suspected illegal gambling activities, reinforcing the community’s role in maintaining a lawful gaming environment.

The Role of Legal Operators

Licensed gaming operators play a pivotal role in supporting the MGCB’s mission. By adhering to regulatory standards and promoting responsible gambling, these operators help maintain the integrity of the industry. They also contribute to the state’s economy through tax revenues and job creation.

The MGCB’s crackdown on illegal gambling provides a clear message to all stakeholders: compliance with state regulations is non-negotiable. Legal operators can take pride in their adherence to the law, knowing that their efforts contribute to a fair and safe gaming environment for everyone.



The Michigan Gaming Control Board’s recent raid in Saginaw and the subsequent confiscation of illegal gaming machines underscore the state’s unwavering commitment to regulating the gambling industry. Through collaborative enforcement actions and stringent legal measures, the MGCB aims to eliminate unlicensed gambling operations and protect public welfare.

As Michigan continues to strengthen its regulatory framework, the efforts of the MGCB serve as a model for effective gambling oversight. The board’s proactive approach not only upholds the integrity of the gaming industry but also ensures a safer and more responsible gambling environment for all residents. By staying vigilant and maintaining robust enforcement actions, the MGCB reaffirms its dedication to safeguarding Michigan’s gambling landscape from illegal activities.

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