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Softswiss and Topwin Forge New Path in Bulgarian Gaming Market



Softswiss Partners with Topwin to Expand into the Bulgarian Online Gaming Market

A Strategic Leap into Bulgaria’s Gaming Sector

Witness a groundbreaking partnership that’s set to redefine online gaming in Bulgaria.

Softswiss, a leader in gaming technology, has joined forces with Topwin, marking a pivotal expansion into Bulgaria.

This collaboration promises to enhance the gaming landscape with advanced software solutions, benefiting players and operators alike.

Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this partnership and its impact on the Bulgarian gaming market.


Softswiss and Topwin: Pioneering New Horizons in Bulgaria

The digital gaming landscape in Bulgaria is poised for transformation as Softswiss, a renowned technology company, announces its strategic partnership with local gaming operator Topwin. This collaboration not only marks Softswiss’s entry into the Bulgarian market but also signifies a major milestone in its European expansion strategy.

Certification and Market Entry

Softswiss has recently received Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) certification, a crucial step that grants it access to the Bulgarian gaming market. This certification is a testament to the reliability and compliance of Softswiss’s software solutions, paving the way for a successful launch on The partnership will see the integration of an array of Softswiss’s cutting-edge technologies including a versatile casino platform, a robust sportsbook, a dynamic games aggregator, and the innovative Affilka affiliate management platform, all tailored to meet the specific needs of the Bulgarian audience.

Enhancing Gaming Experiences

The integration of Softswiss’s software on is set to revolutionize the gaming experience for Bulgarian players. These tools are designed not only to streamline operations for Topwin but also to enrich the user experience with a seamless, secure, and engaging gaming environment. The sportsbook solution, known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive betting options, alongside the casino platform, which offers a wide range of games, are expected to attract a broader audience and boost player retention.

A Response to Regulatory Challenges

The partnership comes at a time when the Bulgarian online gaming market faces regulatory uncertainties, notably the proposed national ban on gambling advertising. Such restrictions pose challenges to market growth and visibility for new entrants. However, Softswiss and Topwin view these challenges as opportunities to innovate and adapt, leveraging digital marketing techniques and focusing on responsible gaming practices to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.


Strategic Growth and Local Insight

Softswiss COO Vitali Matsukevich emphasizes the strategic importance of entering the Bulgarian market, noting that this expansion is aligned with the company’s goal to enhance its presence across the European Union. The partnership with Topwin not only facilitates market entry but also deepens Softswiss’s understanding of local consumer preferences and regulatory requirements, enabling tailored product offerings and strategic market positioning.

Mutual Benefits and Future Prospects

Krasimir Tokushev, the license holder at, highlights the mutual benefits of the partnership, anticipating that the advanced technological solutions provided by Softswiss will elevate Topwin’s platform to new heights. The collaboration is expected to deliver a superior gaming experience to Bulgarian players, setting new standards in the industry and potentially driving further innovations in the region.

Broadening Horizons

Beyond Bulgaria, Softswiss continues to make significant strides in the global gaming market. The company’s recent acquisition of a stake in Ously Games demonstrates its commitment to diversifying its portfolio and exploring new market segments, such as social casinos. Additionally, the appointment of Rubens Barrichello as Non-Executive Director in Latin America and the launch of the iGaming Trends 2024 Report reflect Softswiss’s proactive approach to global expansion and its dedication to leveraging emerging technologies like AI to shape the future of online gaming.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer for Bulgaria and Beyond

As Softswiss and Topwin forge ahead with this exciting partnership, the future of online gaming in Bulgaria looks promising. With advanced technological solutions tailored to the local market, this collaboration is set to redefine industry standards and provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience. The strategic insights gained from this venture will undoubtedly influence Softswiss’s future initiatives and its ongoing mission to innovate and expand globally.


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