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Alberta Opens Consultation on Private Online Gambling Plans



Alberta Opens Consultation on Private Online Gambling Plans

Alberta, the Canadian province known for its dynamic approach to business and innovation, has announced a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of online gambling. This move marks a significant shift as the province seeks to open up its regulated online gambling market to private companies.

The Alberta government has launched a comprehensive consultation process, aiming to gather feedback from First Nations, existing land-based casinos, and Racing Entertainment Centres. This consultation is a critical step towards developing and implementing a robust online gaming strategy that echoes the success seen in Ontario.

Discover how Alberta’s plans could transform the province into a leading hub for igaming, leveraging its competitive advantages such as low corporate taxes, streamlined regulations, and high disposable incomes. Understand the potential benefits and challenges that come with opening up the online gambling market to private operators.

Stay informed about the latest developments in Alberta’s online gambling strategy. Engage with industry experts and stakeholders to explore the opportunities and impacts of this significant regulatory change.


Alberta Opens Consultation on Private Online Gambling Plans

The Canadian province of Alberta has embarked on a transformative journey to open its regulated online gambling market to private companies. This initiative, driven by a government eager to foster innovation and economic growth, seeks to emulate the successful model implemented by Ontario. The consultation process, launched recently, aims to gather valuable insights from various stakeholders, including First Nations, existing land-based casinos, and Racing Entertainment Centres.

Government’s Vision and Strategy

In 2023, Alberta’s Premier tasked Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, Dalley Nally, with the mission of collaborating with Indigenous partners to finalize and implement an online gaming strategy. This strategy focuses on responsible gaming and aims to generate substantial revenue for both provincial and Indigenous communities.

Currently, the only legal option for online casino games in Alberta is Play Alberta, which is operated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC). However, other online gambling brands operate in a legal grey area, much like the situation in Ontario before it regulated its market in 2022. These unregulated operators are estimated to account for 55% of the market, highlighting a significant opportunity for regulatory reform and market expansion.


Minister Nally’s Vision

Minister Dalley Nally is optimistic about Alberta’s potential to become a hub for igaming. He cites several compelling advantages, including the province’s low corporate taxes, streamlined regulatory environment, and high disposable incomes among residents. These factors, he believes, create a fertile ground for a thriving and well-regulated online gambling market.

Nally stated, “Alberta has the potential to be a leader in the igaming sector. By opening our market to private companies, we can ensure a competitive environment that benefits consumers, generates significant revenue, and fosters responsible gaming practices.”

Consultation Process and Stakeholder Engagement


The consultation process is designed to be inclusive, seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders. First Nations, who have a vested interest in the economic and social impacts of gambling, are a key focus of this engagement. The government is keen to ensure that any new regulatory framework addresses their concerns and provides opportunities for revenue sharing and community development.

Existing land-based casinos and Racing Entertainment Centres are also critical stakeholders. Their feedback will help shape a regulatory environment that balances the interests of traditional gambling establishments with the emerging online sector. The aim is to create a cohesive strategy that supports the entire gambling ecosystem in Alberta.

Learning from Ontario’s Success

Ontario’s experience with regulating online gambling serves as a valuable blueprint for Alberta. Since opening its market to private operators, Ontario has seen significant growth in its igaming sector. The province’s regulatory framework ensures consumer protection, responsible gaming practices, and substantial revenue generation.


Alberta aims to replicate this success while tailoring its approach to the unique needs and opportunities within the province. By learning from Ontario’s challenges and achievements, Alberta can implement best practices and avoid potential pitfalls.

Benefits of a Regulated Market

The move to open Alberta’s online gambling market to private companies promises several benefits:

  1. Increased Revenue: Regulating the online gambling market will capture revenue currently lost to unregulated operators. This revenue can be reinvested into provincial and Indigenous community programs.
  2. Consumer Protection: A regulated market ensures that consumers are protected through stringent oversight and enforcement of responsible gaming practices.
  3. Economic Growth: Opening the market to private companies will attract investment, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth in Alberta.
  4. Innovation and Competition: Allowing multiple operators to enter the market will foster innovation and competition, leading to better products and services for consumers.

Challenges and Considerations

While the potential benefits are significant, the government and stakeholders must navigate several challenges:

  1. Regulatory Framework: Developing a comprehensive regulatory framework that balances consumer protection, industry growth, and revenue generation is crucial.
  2. Responsible Gaming: Ensuring that responsible gaming measures are robust and effective to prevent gambling-related harm.
  3. Market Transition: Managing the transition from a single-operator model to a competitive market without disrupting existing services.
  4. Stakeholder Alignment: Balancing the interests of all stakeholders, including First Nations, existing casinos, and new market entrants, is essential for a smooth implementation.


Alberta’s initiative to open its online gambling market to private companies marks a significant step towards modernizing the province’s gambling industry. By engaging with stakeholders and learning from Ontario’s successful model, Alberta aims to create a regulated, competitive, and responsible igaming market. This move promises to bring economic growth, consumer protection, and substantial revenue benefits to the province and its communities.

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