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Playtech to Investigate Alleged IP Infringement by OnAir Entertainment



In a startling turn of events, Playtech, a renowned leader in the iGaming industry, finds itself in the midst of allegations concerning potential intellectual property (IP) infringement.

The allegations, brought to light by former OnAir senior product owner Ivans Ivanovs, suggest a breach of trust and a shadowy espionage attempt. This saga has cast a cloud of uncertainty over the integrity of Playtech’s operations, prompting the company to pledge a thorough investigation into the matter. In this exposé, we delve into the unfolding controversy, the evidence at hand, and the implications for one of the industry’s giants.

Unearthing the Shocking Allegations

The controversy surrounding Playtech’s alleged IP infringement came to light through a LinkedIn post by Ivans Ivanovs, a former senior product owner at OnAir Entertainment. Ivanovs’ revelation sent shockwaves through the industry, raising questions about the security of Playtech’s intellectual property.

Ivanovs alleged that his former colleague, Igors Veliks, retained unauthorized access to Playtech’s internal environment, even after departing from his role at the company’s Euro Live Technologies subsidiary. This startling revelation left the iGaming community in a state of disbelief, prompting calls for immediate action.


The Evidence Unveiled: Screenshots and Claims

A trusted source of industry news, conducted a comprehensive investigation into these grave allegations. Multiple sources, including another former senior employee at OnAir who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed the veracity of Ivanovs’ claims. Screenshots obtained provided compelling evidence, indicating Veliks’ access to Playtech’s internal interface.

These screenshots depict Veliks sharing a link and user credentials related to Playtech’s environment. While Veliks emphasized that this information was intended for “personal use only,” the implications of such access raised alarming concerns.

Ivanovs further alleged that he had been shown screenshots of Playtech’s Jet Set racing game in February 2023. What sets this revelation apart is that, despite the game’s prior public announcement by Playtech, Ivanovs asserted that the screenshot in question originated from Playtech’s internal environment, not from publicly accessible promotional material.

Playtech’s Response: Promising a Thorough Investigation

The gravity of the situation prompted swift action from Playtech. In response to the allegations of IP infringement and espionage by OnAir Entertainment, Playtech has undertaken a solemn commitment to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter.


A spokesperson for Playtech issued a statement in response to the unfolding controversy. “We are aware of the issue involving OnAir Entertainment and are investigating potential IP infringement and other possible claims,” the spokesperson stated. “We are working diligently to fully investigate this matter and will provide an update in due course.”

This response reflects Playtech’s dedication to upholding the integrity of its intellectual property and safeguarding its innovations from any unauthorized use. The company’s willingness to address the allegations head-on signifies a commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Implications and Industry Impact

The allegations of IP infringement and spying on Playtech have far-reaching implications, both for the company itself and the wider iGaming industry. At stake is not just the protection of Playtech’s proprietary technology but also the confidence of its partners and stakeholders.

The integrity of intellectual property rights is a cornerstone of the iGaming sector, and any breach of trust raises concerns about the industry’s ability to protect innovations. The fallout from this controversy could impact commercial collaborations and partnerships in the future, as industry players reevaluate their commitment to safeguarding their IP.


Charting the Path Forward: Transparency and Vigilance

As Playtech embarks on its journey to uncover the truth behind these allegations, it sets a precedent for the industry. The commitment to transparency and vigilance in safeguarding intellectual property rights becomes more critical than ever. The repercussions of this investigation, whatever their outcome, will resonate across the iGaming landscape.

Ultimately, this saga serves as a stark reminder that the protection of intellectual property is an ongoing battle, one that requires unwavering dedication and diligence. The iGaming industry must remain steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that innovations are shielded from unauthorized access or use.

In conclusion, the allegations of IP infringement and espionage by OnAir Entertainment against Playtech have ignited a firestorm of scrutiny and speculation. The outcome of Playtech’s investigation will undoubtedly shape the narrative of this controversy. In the midst of uncertainty, the iGaming community watches closely, poised to assess the implications and, most importantly, reaffirm its commitment to preserving the integrity of intellectual property rights in the digital age.


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