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ANJ Revamps Sports Betting List: Key Changes in French Gambling Sector



ANJ Streamlines Sports Betting Options for Enhanced Integrity in France

Redefining Sports Betting Landscape

The Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s premier gambling regulator, has taken a significant stride in refining the sports betting landscape. The regulatory body has removed 179 sports competitions from its officially approved betting list, marking a pivotal step towards enhancing integrity and coherence in the nation’s gambling sector.

Since its inception in 2010, the ANJ has been vigilant in curating a list of sporting events eligible for legal betting in France. Regular updates have been integral to maintaining the list’s relevance. However, the December 2023 overhaul represents a more strategic approach to ensure clarity and consistency for bettors and stakeholders alike.

Consultative Approach for Comprehensive Reform

This latest revision was a collaborative effort, involving extensive consultations with the Sports Directorate of France’s Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, alongside contributions from French sports federations, leagues, and betting operators.

The ANJ’s focused objective is to shield the sporting world from manipulative practices. This involves eliminating betting on events that do not demand sporting knowledge – like betting on the color of an athlete’s socks – and restricting wagers to selected competitions. Additionally, the regulator delineates the types of bets permissible, emphasizing skill over chance, such as disallowing bets on random elements like coin toss outcomes.


Streamlining for Integrity and Engagement

The updated list now features 772 approved competitions, meticulously chosen to align with legal criteria and ensure the highest standards of sports integrity. Reasons for removal range from competitions ceasing to exist, to failing to meet the requisite significance or posing a high risk of manipulation. For instance, concerns about sports manipulation led to the exclusion of top-level Armenian and Tunisian football leagues, and most of the US college sports, except the final of the March Madness basketball tournament.

Conversely, the update sees the reintroduction of friendly matches involving French men’s football and rugby teams, and the removal of restrictions on handicap betting in tennis and point-based bets in basketball.

Looking Ahead: Ongoing Evaluation and Adaptation

Set to be implemented from March 1st, this revamped list is not a static document but a dynamic tool subject to end-of-year evaluation in consultation with all involved parties. This adaptive approach by the ANJ underscores its commitment to regularly reviewing and updating its policies to reflect the evolving dynamics of sports and betting industries.

A Balancing Act: Protecting Integrity While Encouraging Participation

By refining the list of approved sports competitions, the ANJ seeks to strike a balance between safeguarding the integrity of sports and facilitating a robust betting market. This move is not only about reducing the risk of sports manipulation but also about ensuring a fair and transparent betting environment for French gamblers.


The removal of unnecessary restrictions, like the bans on specific types of tennis and basketball bets, demonstrates the ANJ’s dedication to offering a diverse betting experience while maintaining stringent control measures. It’s a thoughtful approach to regulation, considering both the needs of the betting community and the importance of maintaining the sanctity of sports competitions.

Engagement and Oversight: A New Era in French Sports Betting

The ANJ’s proactive stance in consulting with various stakeholders is a model for regulatory bodies worldwide. By engaging with sports federations, leagues, and betting operators, the ANJ ensures that all voices are heard, leading to more informed and effective regulations.

As the new list becomes operational in March, the French betting market will enter a new era marked by enhanced player protection, greater market clarity, and a continued emphasis on responsible gambling. This regulatory development by the ANJ is not just a local change but a noteworthy example for other jurisdictions aiming to balance market growth with ethical and responsible gambling practices.

In conclusion, the ANJ’s decisive action in revamping its sports betting list demonstrates its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity in the gambling sector. It’s a significant development that sets a benchmark for regulatory bodies globally, blending robust oversight with a keen understanding of market dynamics and stakeholder needs.


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