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Spanish Gambling Regulator Enforces Anti-Match-Fixing Participation



Spanish Gambling Regulator Mandates Operators to Join Anti-Match-Fixing Programme

The fight against match-fixing in Spain is intensifying!

Spain’s gambling regulator has mandated all licensed operators to join an anti-match-fixing programme.

Learn how this directive aims to enhance the integrity of sports betting and combat corruption.

Stay informed on the latest regulatory changes and their implications for the gambling industry in Spain.


Spanish Gambling Regulator Mandates Operators to Join Anti-Match-Fixing Programme

In a significant move to combat corruption and enhance the integrity of sports betting, Spain’s national gambling regulator, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), has mandated that all licensed gambling operators join the Global Betting Market Investigation Service (SIGMA). This directive, adopted as part of Spain’s centralized strategy against match-fixing, requires operators to integrate SIGMA’s whistleblower portal into their operations, providing staff with a secure platform to report suspicious betting activities.

Mikel Arana, the DGOJ’s director general, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that the obligation to use SIGMA will be incorporated into the conditions of Spanish gambling licenses. He explained, “Operators must report irregular or suspicious sports bets immediately and respond promptly to requests for any information deemed necessary in relation to the alerts entered into the service.”

Arana further commented, “With this resolution, the DGOJ takes a further step in its commitment to the fight against corruption linked to the manipulation of sports competitions and the often-resulting fraud in betting on such events.”

SIGMA: Enhancing Vigilance Against Match-Fixing

The SIGMA programme was established following amendments to Spain’s 2011 Gambling Act, which were passed in October 2022. This centrally controlled database provides a comprehensive view of the betting market, facilitating the detection and prevention of match-fixing. By enabling registered bodies to share and process personal data, SIGMA fosters cooperation among stakeholders, including sports federations and law enforcement agencies, to combat fraudulent activities.


The initiative has garnered support from key organizations, such as Spain’s Higher Sports Council, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Professional Football League, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, and the Association of Spanish Footballers. The collective goal is to create a cooperative network that protects the integrity of Spanish sports from potential match-fixing.

Expanding the Reach of SIGMA

In February, the DGOJ announced that the autonomous Basque region, known as Euskadi, had joined the SIGMA initiative. This development allows the General Administration of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi to access the service, further expanding the network of vigilance and cooperation across Spain.

Implications for Gambling Operators

The directive from the DGOJ imposes new responsibilities on licensed gambling operators in Spain. They must now ensure that their staff has access to SIGMA’s whistleblower portal and are trained to use it effectively. This move is designed to encourage prompt reporting of any suspicious activities, enhancing transparency and accountability within the industry.

Failure to comply with these new regulations could result in severe penalties, including the potential revocation of gambling licenses. Therefore, operators must adapt quickly to these changes, integrating the necessary systems and protocols to meet the DGOJ’s stringent requirements.


A Step Forward in Fighting Corruption

The introduction of these measures marks a significant advancement in Spain’s efforts to combat match-fixing and associated corruption in sports betting. By leveraging technology and fostering cooperation among various stakeholders, the DGOJ aims to create a robust framework that deters fraudulent activities and protects the integrity of sports competitions.

The SIGMA programme not only enhances the regulatory capabilities of the DGOJ but also instills greater confidence in the betting public. By ensuring that gambling operators are vigilant and proactive in reporting suspicious activities, the integrity of sports betting in Spain is significantly bolstered.


The DGOJ’s mandate for gambling operators to join the SIGMA anti-match-fixing programme represents a crucial step in Spain’s fight against corruption in sports betting. With enhanced regulatory powers and a cooperative network involving key sports and law enforcement bodies, Spain is set to lead by example in maintaining the integrity of its gambling market. As these measures take effect, stakeholders must remain vigilant and compliant to support the collective effort against match-fixing and fraud.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving regulatory landscape and its impact on the future of gambling in Spain.


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