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Alberta Follows Ontario’s Lead in Launching Online Gambling Market



Alberta Emulates Ontario’s Success: Launching a Regulated Online Gambling Market

Picture Alberta, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities, transforming its gaming industry with a new online gambling market.

Alberta is poised to follow Ontario’s successful model, aiming to boost its economy through a regulated online gambling sector.

Learn how Alberta’s innovative approach promises significant economic benefits and greater market diversity.

Explore the comprehensive details of Alberta’s ambitious plan and its potential impact on the province’s gambling landscape.


Alberta Emulates Ontario’s Success: Launching a Regulated Online Gambling Market

Alberta is gearing up to revolutionize its gambling industry by launching a regulated online gambling market, inspired by the successful model implemented in Ontario. This strategic move aims to enhance economic growth, create jobs, and provide a secure and enjoyable gambling experience for residents.

Following Ontario’s Blueprint

Alberta, home to vibrant cities like Calgary and Edmonton, plans to emulate Ontario’s approach to online gambling. Ontario’s launch in 2022 has proven highly successful, contributing CA$2.7 billion (US$1.97 million) to the province’s GDP and creating almost 15,000 full-time equivalent jobs within just two years. This success story has inspired Alberta to follow a similar path.

Dale Nally, Alberta’s Minister of Service and Red Tape Reduction, confirmed the province’s broad plans during a conference session in Toronto. Speaking weeks after Alberta’s legislature passed Bill 16, which simplifies the expansion of the province’s gambling sector, Nally emphasized the intent to expand online betting and gambling beyond the current Play Alberta monopoly operated by Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC).

Establishing a Commercial Market

An independent administrator for Alberta’s commercial online gambling market will be created, akin to iGaming Ontario, which operates separately from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). This move aims to ensure effective management and regulation of the online gambling sector, promoting a competitive and transparent market environment.


Involving Indigenous Communities

Minister Nally also highlighted the involvement of First Nations in the province, who have significant interests in the land-based casino market. Their participation in the online marketplace underscores Alberta’s commitment to inclusive economic development and collaboration with Indigenous communities.

Nally stated, “It’s going to be very similar to Ontario. We’re following their model as they built the roadmap. We’ll massage it a little bit, but it’s been inspired by the experience in Ontario. It’s going to be an open and free market.”

Understanding Bill 16 and Its Implications

Bill 16 represents a critical legislative framework that allows for the expansion of gambling in Alberta, aligning with the province’s commitments to reducing red tape. The bill empowers the provincial government and AGLC to conduct and manage gaming activities, paving the way for a diversified and robust gambling market.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has directed Minister Nally to explore new potential avenues for online gaming and sports betting in the province. This directive aligns with the goals of Bill 16, emphasizing innovation and growth in the gambling sector.


The Success of PlayAlberta

PlayAlberta, developed by NeoPollard Interactive, was launched by AGLC in October 2020. In the fiscal year 2022-23, PlayAlberta generated CA$1.5 billion in net gaming income for the province’s general revenue fund, showcasing its significant contribution to Alberta’s economy. AGLC’s partnership with NeoPollard’s BtoBet aims to enhance the website’s sportsbook, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement and growth.

Ontario’s Economic Impact

A report by Deloitte, published in June, revealed that Ontario’s online gambling market hit or almost reached many of Deloitte’s five-year projections within its second year (April 2023 to April 2024). The market, excluding the state-backed lottery operator, contributed CA$2.7 billion (US$1.97 million) to GDP and sustained almost 15,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the province. This remarkable success has provided a compelling blueprint for Alberta’s ambitious plans.

Anticipated Benefits for Alberta

By following Ontario’s model, Alberta anticipates several key benefits:

  • Economic Growth: The introduction of a regulated online gambling market is expected to boost the province’s economy significantly.
  • Job Creation: Similar to Ontario, Alberta aims to create numerous job opportunities within the online gambling sector.
  • Enhanced Regulation: Establishing an independent administrator ensures robust oversight and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Inclusive Development: Involving Indigenous communities in the online market promotes inclusive economic development.

Looking Ahead

As Alberta prepares to implement its online gambling market, several steps will be crucial:

  • Legislative Framework: Finalizing and implementing the necessary legislative framework to support the market’s growth.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with key stakeholders, including Indigenous communities, industry experts, and regulatory bodies.
  • Market Launch: Ensuring a smooth and efficient launch of the online gambling market, with a focus on user experience and regulatory compliance.


Alberta’s decision to follow Ontario’s successful model in launching a regulated online gambling market marks a significant milestone in the province’s economic development. By leveraging the proven strategies of Ontario, Alberta aims to create a dynamic and competitive online gambling environment that benefits the economy, creates jobs, and ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for its residents.

As the province moves forward with these plans, the potential for transformative economic growth and industry innovation is immense. The successful implementation of Alberta’s online gambling market will serve as a benchmark for other provinces and regions considering similar initiatives. This bold move underscores Alberta’s commitment to embracing innovation and fostering a thriving gambling industry that aligns with modern regulatory standards and consumer expectations.


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