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North Carolina Budget Proposal Modifies Sports Betting Tax Distribution



North Carolina Proposes Game-Changing Sports Betting Tax Distribution in New Budget

Imagine a surge in sports betting revenue reshaping funding for youth sports and college athletics.

North Carolina’s latest budget proposal aims to reallocate this unexpected windfall to benefit communities and institutions.

Discover how this proposal could transform the funding landscape for youth sports and the University of North Carolina.

Delve into the specifics of the proposal and its potential impact on North Carolina’s sports and educational sectors.


North Carolina Proposes Game-Changing Sports Betting Tax Distribution in New Budget

In a significant move, the North Carolina House of Representatives has introduced a budget proposal that seeks to reallocate the state’s sports betting tax revenue. This proposal, which promises to channel more funds into youth sports and college athletic programs, is set to reshape the distribution of tax revenue from sports betting, reflecting the state’s growing focus on supporting local communities and institutions.

Revising the Distribution Framework

Under the current law, the North Carolina Department of Revenue retains $0.5 million of tax revenue each year to cover the costs associated with tax collection. The remaining tax revenues are allocated across several key areas:

  • $2 million to the Department of Health and Human Services for gambling addiction education and treatment programs.
  • $1 million to North Carolina Amateur Sports for local governments or nonprofits to upgrade youth sports equipment or facilities.
  • $300,000 each to the 13 University of North Carolina constituent institutions to support college athletic departments.
  • $1 million to the North Carolina Youth Outdoor Engagement Commission for grants to assist sports teams with travel expenses and to provide incentive grants for nonprofessional sports events.

Any additional tax revenues are distributed as follows:

  • 20% equally among the 13 UNC colleges.
  • 30% to the North Carolina Major Events, Games, and Attractions Fund.
  • 50% to the general fund.

The New Budget Proposal: Key Changes

The new budget proposal introduces several significant changes to this framework. Most notably, it earmarks an additional $5 million for the Youth Outdoor Engagement Commission, highlighting the state’s commitment to promoting youth sports and outdoor activities.

Furthermore, the proposal increases the share of remaining tax revenues allocated to the North Carolina Major Events, Games, and Attractions Fund from 30% to 25%. This fund is instrumental in attracting major events and sports competitions to the state, thereby boosting tourism and local economies. The general fund would receive whatever is left, ensuring that essential state services and infrastructure continue to benefit from sports betting revenues.

Supporting UNC Athletic Programs

The proposal also brings in three additional UNC schools for athletic department funding. This move aims to provide more comprehensive support for college athletics across the state, recognizing the important role these programs play in student development and community engagement. The inclusion of these additional schools ensures a more equitable distribution of funds and highlights the state’s dedication to nurturing athletic talent at the collegiate level.


Legislative Backing and Future Implications

Republican state representative Jason Saine, a sponsor of the original sports betting bill and a key budget writer, emphasized that there was more money coming in from sports betting than initially forecast. This unexpected surge in revenue has provided the state with an opportunity to re-evaluate and enhance its funding allocations.

If the budget proposal is approved by the Senate and signed into law, the changes would take effect on August 1. This timeline underscores the urgency and importance of the proposed reallocations, reflecting the state’s proactive approach to managing and distributing sports betting tax revenue.

Broader Implications for the State

The reallocation of sports betting tax revenue as outlined in the new budget proposal is poised to have far-reaching implications for North Carolina. By directing more funds towards youth sports and college athletic programs, the state is investing in the future of its young athletes and supporting the development of sports infrastructure.

Moreover, the additional funding for the North Carolina Youth Outdoor Engagement Commission will facilitate greater participation in outdoor activities and sports among youth, promoting healthier lifestyles and fostering community engagement. This, in turn, can have positive social outcomes, including reduced rates of youth delinquency and improved physical and mental health.


Enhancing Economic Growth

The proposed changes are also expected to stimulate economic growth. By bolstering the North Carolina Major Events, Games, and Attractions Fund, the state can attract more high-profile events and competitions. This not only enhances North Carolina’s reputation as a premier destination for sports and entertainment but also drives tourism, creating jobs and boosting local businesses.

The reallocation of funds to the general fund ensures that the broader community benefits from the increased revenue. These funds can be used to support a wide range of public services and infrastructure projects, enhancing the quality of life for residents across the state.

Addressing Gambling Addiction

The continued allocation of $2 million to the Department of Health and Human Services for gambling addiction education and treatment programs remains a critical component of the budget proposal. This funding is essential for addressing the potential negative impacts of gambling and ensuring that individuals who need help can access the necessary resources and support.

Looking Ahead

The approval and implementation of this budget proposal will mark a significant milestone for North Carolina. By proactively managing the distribution of sports betting tax revenue, the state is setting a precedent for responsible and strategic financial planning. The proposed changes reflect a balanced approach that prioritizes both economic growth and social responsibility.


As North Carolina moves forward with these plans, it will be essential to monitor the outcomes and make adjustments as needed. Continued collaboration between legislators, community leaders, and stakeholders will be crucial to ensure that the benefits of sports betting revenue are maximized and equitably distributed.


The North Carolina House of Representatives‘ new budget proposal represents a transformative approach to distributing sports betting tax revenue. By reallocating funds to support youth sports, college athletic programs, and major events, the state is investing in its future while promoting economic growth and social well-being.

The proposed changes demonstrate a commitment to responsible governance and highlight the potential of sports betting revenue to make a positive impact on communities. As the state prepares for the implementation of these changes, North Carolina stands as a model for other states considering similar reforms.


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