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Revolutionizing Kentucky’s Gaming Landscape



Kentucky’s Gaming Evolution: New Commission to Transform Horse Racing and Betting

In a monumental stride towards regulatory reform, Kentucky is on the cusp of a gaming industry transformation with the introduction of SB299. Spearheaded by Sen. Damon Thayer, this visionary bill seeks to establish the Kentucky Horse Racing and Gaming Commission, a unified regulatory body designed to oversee and invigorate the state’s diverse gaming sectors. Awaiting Governor Andy Beshear‘s decisive signature, this legislation marks a pivotal moment in Kentucky’s gaming narrative, heralding an era of enhanced oversight, integrity, and growth commencing July 1.

The Need for Regulatory Evolution:

Kentucky’s gaming domain has witnessed significant evolution, with traditional horse racing and charitable gaming now complemented by historic horse racing (HHR) and burgeoning sports betting markets. The amalgamation of HHRs and sports betting under the Horse Racing Commission’s umbrella represented a unique regulatory approach, differing from states that established separate bodies for new gaming forms. SB299 emerges as a response to this evolving landscape, aiming to streamline governance, ensure fitting oversight, and uphold the integrity of Kentucky’s cherished gaming traditions.

A Glimpse into the Future Commission:

Envisioned through SB299, the Kentucky Horse Racing and Gaming Commission proposes a seamless integration of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and the Department of Charitable Gaming. This strategic consolidation is poised to foster a robust regulatory framework encompassing six critical gaming areas: pari-mutuel wagering, live horse racing, breed development, sports wagering, licensing, and charitable gaming. At the helm, a commission president will orchestrate the establishment of dedicated offices, each tasked with spearheading these distinct gaming pillars.

Board Composition: A Blend of Expertise:

The proposed 15-member board of directors reflects a meticulous balance of industry expertise and oversight. With representatives spanning the thoroughbred and standardbred industries, veterinary science, law enforcement, gaming, horse training, and charitable gaming, the board epitomizes a comprehensive approach to governance. This diversified composition ensures that Kentucky’s gaming and horse racing ecosystems are nurtured by those deeply entrenched in their success and integrity.



Kentucky stands at a crossroads, with SB299 symbolizing a forward-thinking approach to gaming regulation. By unifying oversight under the Kentucky Horse Racing and Gaming Commission, the Bluegrass State embraces a future where growth, innovation, and integrity go hand in hand. As the gaming industry watches with bated breath, the potential enactment of SB299 heralds a new chapter in Kentucky’s rich gaming heritage, promising a legacy of prosperity and responsible stewardship for generations to come.

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