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Illegal Online Casinos Fuel Organized Crime in SE Asia



Delve into the alarming revelations from a recent UN report that exposes the unsettling connection between illegal online casinos, cryptocurrency, and the surge in organized crime across Southeast Asia.

As the underground banking and money laundering infrastructure evolves with technology, transnational criminal networks are finding new opportunities in this digital era. UNODC’s investigation uncovers the extent of this crisis, shedding light on the dark corners where cyberfraud, crypto laundering, and criminal influence intertwine to create a concerning ecosystem.

The Lurking Threat: Unearthing Organized Crime in SE Asia

A groundbreaking investigation conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has uncovered a disturbing trend in Southeast Asia. Illegal online casinos, e-junkets, and cryptocurrency have assumed pivotal roles within the region’s underground banking and money laundering networks. This revelation underscores a worrisome escalation of transnational organized crime, driven by advances in technology.

Jeremy Douglas, UNODC regional representative for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, emphasized the transformative impact of unregulated online gambling platforms and crypto exchanges on the criminal landscape. These digital innovations have facilitated faster, anonymized transactions, fund commingling, and fresh opportunities for organized crime entities. The implications are far-reaching, particularly in the Mekong region.

Unmasking the Criminal Enablers: Online Casinos and Cryptocurrency

Recent criminal cases serve as stark examples of how major organized crime groups employ illegal online casinos as conduits for moving and laundering significant volumes of state-backed fiat and cryptocurrency. This unregulated realm has offered fertile ground for criminals, attracting new networks, entrepreneurs, and service providers into the criminal ecosystem.


The underground banking and money laundering mechanisms have inadvertently bolstered the broader illicit economy, facilitating a cascade effect. The proliferation of cyberfraud and cryptocurrency laundering within the operations of illegal online casino operators underscores the adaptable nature of organized crime.

Infiltration and Expansion: Organized Crime’s Resilience

Criminal influence extends beyond the virtual world, seeping into physical spaces such as casino compounds, special economic zones, and border regions. Even territories controlled by armed factions in Myanmar have not escaped this pervasive infiltration.

The convergence of organized crime groups in areas of vulnerability, such as casinos and crypto, has been conspicuous. Online casinos and cryptocurrency platforms have become points of least resistance for criminal operations. However, countermeasures in countries like Cambodia and the Philippines have prompted a partial displacement of criminal infrastructure.

Furthermore, criminals have strategically relocated their operations to regions where they anticipate fewer consequences, particularly remote and border areas of the Mekong and other locales.


The Digital Evolution: Land-Based Casinos Go Virtual

A notable transformation has occurred in the landscape of Southeast Asian gambling. While approximately 340 licensed and unlicensed land-based casinos thrived in early 2022, the majority have transitioned into the digital realm. They now offer live-dealer streaming and a range of proxy betting services online.

This shift aligns with the global trend in the gambling market, which is expected to exceed $205 billion by 2030, with the Asian-Pacific region driving much of this growth. In response, Southeast Asian governments have implemented new policies and enforcement measures to address the burgeoning issues arising from the expanding gambling sector.

These issues encompass illegal outflows from casinos, corruption, and money laundering, all intertwined with the industry’s growth. UNODC’s comprehensive report meticulously maps and analyzes the online grey and black markets within the region. This includes delving into dark web forums and marketplaces utilized for illicit activities.


The UNODC’s eye-opening report underscores the critical intersection of illegal online casinos, cryptocurrency, and organized crime in Southeast Asia. As the criminal ecosystem evolves with technology, urgent attention is required to bridge the widening gap between law enforcement and criminal enterprises. The consequences of inaction will resonate not only within Southeast Asia but also beyond its borders. Collaboration and deeper engagement among Southeast Asian countries, UNODC, and international partners are imperative in addressing this pressing criminal landscape, which continues to evolve beneath the surface, largely uncharted.


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