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FlashPicks’ Record-Breaking Update Boosts Betting App for US Users



FlashPicks’ Record-Breaking Update Boosts Betting App for US Users

Get ready for a game-changing moment in the world of sports betting as FlashPicks, the premier North American brand under the Checkd Group, shatters records with its betting app.

With over 31,000 bets and 195,000 screen views in December 2023, FlashPicks has rewritten the rules of engagement for sports enthusiasts.

Revolutionizing Betting with SmartPicks: FlashPicks’ User-Centric Approach”

FlashPicks, the quintessential North American brand in the Checkd Group portfolio, has set new milestones in the world of sports betting. In December 2023 alone, the FlashPicks app recorded a staggering 31,000 bets and 195,000 screen views. Since its inception in March 2023, the app has consistently averaged around 60,000 user sessions per month. This meteoric rise is a testament to the app’s unmatched appeal among sports aficionados.

Building on this resounding success, FlashPicks has unleashed a monumental app update that promises to redefine the sports betting experience. With a revamped user interface and groundbreaking live bet tracking capabilities courtesy of its SmartPicks betting tool, FlashPicks is poised to elevate user engagement to unprecedented heights.


Developed in-house, FlashPicks stands as the pinnacle of Checkd Group’s United States endeavors. Designed by a team of seasoned technologists deeply rooted in the sports betting realm, the app offers a treasure trove of free picks and betting tips across a spectrum of United States sports. Additionally, it provides enticing sign-up deals in collaboration with industry giants like FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and Bet365.

The latest app update introduces substantial enhancements to the already acclaimed SmartPicks betting tool, powered by Checkd’s proprietary Smart Acca technology. This tool empowers bettors to make swift and informed decisions by harnessing the latest statistics and data for NFL and NBA.

A highlight of this update is the introduction of the Player Prop Tracker, a groundbreaking feature that enables users to meticulously track their over/under bets directly within the app. This level of detail and interactivity sets a new standard in the sports betting landscape.

Remarkably, SmartPicks achieved extraordinary numbers in December 2023, with over 11,000 searches conducted within the tool. This reflects its invaluable role in guiding bettors to well-informed choices.


Callum Broxton, Head of United States Operations for Checkd Group, expressed enthusiasm about the app’s latest iteration, confident that it will solidify FlashPicks as the ultimate sports betting companion for discerning fans in North America. He underlined the role of the Checkd Dev team in fueling innovation and growth, setting the stage for a promising future.

Adam Patton, Managing Director for Checkd Dev, lauded the revamped SmartPicks tool’s user-friendliness, emphasizing its role in enhancing the FlashPicks experience while saving bettors valuable time and effort.

FlashPicks first made waves in North America in January 2022, followed by the app’s launch in May 2023. In a mere nine months, the FlashPicks app amassed nearly 600,000 user sessions, continually enhancing its consumer offerings with features like NBA Prop Cheat Sheets, Picks Tournaments, and a robust influencer support strategy.

Influential figures like Alex Caruso, Matty Chucks, and Austin’s Props have played pivotal roles in boosting acquisition, engagement, and retention for the brand.


Powered by Checkd’s groundbreaking SmartAcca technology and backed by Stats Perform data, SmartPicks ranks bets based on historical performance. This indispensable tool equips bettors with the latest statistics and data, enabling them to make informed decisions effortlessly.

The record-breaking success of FlashPicks and the innovative leap taken with the SmartPicks update solidify the app’s status as a game-changer in the United States sports betting arena. With a user-centric approach and a commitment to constant innovation, FlashPicks is set to redefine how fans engage with sports betting.

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