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Entain Sues Former BetCity Owners in Legal Action



Discover the latest legal showdown as Entain takes on former BetCity owners in a high-stakes lawsuit.

Entain’s Legal Battle: Suing Former BetCity Owners

Entain, a prominent player in the global gambling industry, has escalated a legal dispute by initiating legal proceedings against the former owners of BetCity, a Dutch brand it acquired in June 2022. The move marks a significant development in the ongoing tussle between the gambling giant and its previous stakeholders.

On December 7, Entain’s subsidiary in the Netherlands filed a lawsuit in the UK’s Commercial Court against multiple former shareholders of BetCity. This legal battle, documented under case number CL-2023-000850, has drawn attention for its potential implications on the future of this acquisition.

Among the individuals named as defendants in this lawsuit are several members of the Singels family, who held a majority stake in BetCity before its acquisition by Entain. The specifics of the claim have not been made publicly available, but it is categorized as a Part 7 Claim, focusing on general commercial contracts and arrangements, often pertaining to matters of contract law.

One of the key defendants in this case is Sports Entertainment Media B.V, the legal entity that previously owned BetCity. In addition to the corporate entity, the lawsuit targets former BetCity CEO Melvin Bostelaar, former marketing director Robert Kooiman, and seven members of the Singels family.


Melvin Bostelaar, who served as CEO until June 2023, left his position for personal reasons and was succeeded by Vic Walia, a seasoned executive with a background at PartyPoker.

In pursuit of its legal action, Entain has enlisted the services of the Clifford Chance law firm, a prominent name in the legal industry. On the other side, the defendants are represented by the London-based legal outfit Sidley Austin LLC.

Clifford Chance had previously advised Entain during its acquisition of BetCity, making this legal dispute a complex chapter in the ongoing relationship between the gambling company and its Dutch acquisition.

The Background: Entain’s Acquisition of BetCity

The legal dispute between Entain and the former owners of BetCity has its roots in a significant business transaction. Entain announced in June 2022 its intention to acquire BetCity, a Dutch brand with a thriving presence in the newly regulated Dutch online gambling market.


The initial consideration for the acquisition was set at €300 million, with the potential to increase to €450 million depending on the achievement of specific performance targets. This strategic move was part of Entain’s broader expansion plans and its aim to strengthen its position in key markets.

The acquisition process reached its culmination in January 2023, finalizing Entain’s ownership of BetCity. At the heart of this acquisition were ambitious expectations. Entain anticipated that the deal would generate €28 million in synergies by 2026, signifying the company’s confidence in the potential of this venture.

BetCity had earned its place as one of the pioneering companies to receive a license in the newly launched Dutch online gambling market, which had commenced in October 2021. This regulatory compliance positioned BetCity as a significant player in the emerging Dutch iGaming landscape.

At the time of the acquisition, BetCity had already secured an impressive overall market share, estimated at 20%, according to data provided by the Dutch gambling regulator. This substantial market presence added to the allure of the acquisition and was seen as a strategic advantage for Entain.


However, recent developments have cast a shadow of uncertainty over Entain’s series of acquisitions under the leadership of former CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen. Investors have grown increasingly critical of these acquisitions, citing concerns about questionable returns amid a stagnant share price. These challenges have heightened scrutiny over the performance and strategic direction of Entain, making the legal battle with the former BetCity owners a focal point of interest for stakeholders.

The outcome of this lawsuit has the potential to influence not only the specific BetCity acquisition but also broader perceptions of Entain’s acquisition strategy and its ability to navigate the evolving landscape of the global gambling industry. Investors and industry observers will be closely monitoring the developments as this legal battle unfolds, seeking insights into its implications for both Entain and the wider iGaming sector.

Implications and Future Outlook

The legal clash between Entain and the former owners of BetCity raises several critical questions about the iGaming industry and the dynamics between operators and their previous stakeholders. As this legal battle continues to evolve, its implications become increasingly significant.

The Stakeholders and Their Strategies

To understand the full scope of this legal battle, it is essential to delve into the motivations and strategies of the key stakeholders involved. Entain, a global leader in the gambling industry, had been pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy under the leadership of former CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen. This strategy included acquiring prominent brands like BetCity as part of its efforts to solidify its position in various markets.


The Broader Context: Challenges and Opportunities

Beyond the specific legal dispute, Entain’s acquisition strategy has faced growing scrutiny from investors and industry analysts. The apparent mismatch between the investments made and the returns generated has led to concerns about the company’s direction.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Entain and BetCity

As the legal battle unfolds, both Entain and the former owners of BetCity face critical decisions that will shape their respective futures. The outcome of this lawsuit could influence the strategic direction of these entities and potentially impact the broader landscape of the iGaming industry.

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