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Slovenian Tennis Official Marko Ducman Banned for Betting and Data Manipulation



In a shocking turn of events in the world of tennis, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has wielded its disciplinary hammer once again. Marko Ducman, a Slovenian tennis official with an international-level standing, has been handed a substantial 10-year and six-month ban from the sport. The reason? Ducman’s involvement in betting on matches and a shocking act of data manipulation, which struck at the very core of the sport’s integrity. Join us as we uncover the details of this far-reaching sanction and the ITIA’s relentless pursuit of cleansing the tennis arena from corruption.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has made an unwavering statement against corruption in tennis by imposing a stern penalty on Slovenian tennis official Marko Ducman. In a verdict that reverberates through the world of sports, Ducman has been banned from participating in or attending any tennis event authorized by ITIA members for a staggering 10 years and six months, with the ban set to endure until March 7, 2034.

The severe punishment stems from a grave violation of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme (TACP) orchestrated by Ducman. His transgressions encompassed two major infractions—engaging in betting activities related to tennis matches and manipulating crucial match data. Such actions struck at the very heart of the sport’s integrity and threatened the trust of tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

Marko Ducman, recognized as an international-level and bronze-badge official, has a notable history of officiating at prestigious tournaments, including those organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). In the face of the damning evidence, Ducman demonstrated cooperation by admitting to four breaches of the TACP. He voluntarily accepted the prescribed sanction and even forwent his right to a hearing before an independent anti-corruption hearing officer. His suspension, which began on September 8, 2023, has been backdated to that date.


Adding to the gravity of the situation, Marko Ducman is also liable for a substantial financial penalty. He will be required to pay a significant sum of $75,000 (£59,802/€68,753), with a portion of $56,250 being held in suspension—a clear indicator of the ITIA’s commitment to ensuring accountability and deterring future misconduct.

Ducman’s case is not an isolated one, as the ITIA has been on a relentless mission to eradicate corruption within tennis. Recent weeks and months have witnessed a series of stern sanctions being handed down, underscoring the agency’s uncompromising stance.

One such instance involved a match-fixing syndicate in Belgium, where five players—Alberto Rojas Maldonado, Christopher Díaz Figueroa, José Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, Antonio Ruiz Rosales, and Orlando Alcántara Rangel—faced sanctions. Mexican player Alberto Rojas Maldonado received a lifetime ban from tennis and a staggering $250,000 fine for his involvement in 92 breaches of the TACP, highlighting the extent of his culpability in corrupt activities.

Guatemalan player Christopher Díaz Figueroa also faced a lifetime ban and a $75,000 fine for 13 TACP breaches. It’s worth noting that Figueroa had previously served a three-year suspension for match-fixing.


These sanctions were part of a broader case connected to a Belgian match-fixing syndicate led by Grigor Sargsyan. Sargsyan, described as “the man who built the biggest match-fixing ring in tennis” by the Washington Post, was convicted in a recent criminal case and sentenced to five years in custody. His extensive network spanned across five continents, with over 180 professional players involved.

Furthermore, the ITIA’s resolve to combat corruption was evident as it also imposed bans on seven Belgian players, including Arnaud Graisse, Arthur de Greef, Julien Dubail, Romain Barbosa, Maxime Authom, Omar Salman, and Alec Witmeur. Three of these players—Witmeur, de Greef, and Barbosa—had been under provisional suspension since May 2021, marking a comprehensive effort to cleanse the sport from the scourge of match-fixing.

These resolute actions underscore the ITIA’s commitment to upholding the integrity of tennis and protecting its reputation from the corrosive effects of corruption. The tennis world, as well as fans and players alike, can find solace in the agency’s unyielding pursuit of a clean and honorable sport.


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