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Google Play Store Expands Real-Money Gaming Apps in 2024



Google Play Store’s Game-Changer: Embracing a New Era of Real-Money Gaming Apps

A Strategic Expansion in Mobile Gaming

Google is poised to significantly broaden its support for real-money gaming (RMG) apps on the Play Store, marking a pivotal shift in the digital gaming landscape. This expansion, anticipated to roll out in 2024, includes a wider range of game types and operators beyond those currently covered by traditional licensing frameworks. This announcement, made on the Android Developers Blog by Google’s director of global trust and safety partnerships, Karan Gambhir, underscores the company’s commitment to evolving the mobile gaming ecosystem.

Since 2021, Google has been progressively incorporating a diverse array of RMG apps into its Play Store. This initiative initially encompassed markets with pre-existing licensing frameworks, subsequently witnessing a successful launch in regulated gambling jurisdictions like the United States. The recent pilot schemes in 2022, which introduced RMG apps in areas lacking formal online gambling regulations, such as real-money rummy apps in India and daily fantasy sports apps in Mexico, have further demonstrated the potential and user interest in this sector.

New Opportunities and Developer Support. Google’s Forward-Thinking RMG Policy

With positive user and developer feedback from these pilots, Google Play is set to support a broader spectrum of RMG apps starting in June, initially targeting users in India, Mexico, and Brazil, with plans to extend to other countries. This strategic move offers new business avenues for developers worldwide while prioritizing user safety, a key tenet of Google’s policy.

Developers already participating in RMG pilots in India and Mexico can continue offering their apps on Play under the current framework until the policy’s implementation on 30 June. Post-implementation, the market anticipates a surge in RMG apps in multiple jurisdictions, adhering to local laws and Google’s existing RMG app guidelines.


Implementing Robust Consumer Protection. A New Era of Responsible RMG App Development

Google’s existing developer policies mandate comprehensive consumer protection measures for RMG apps, including stringent age-gating and geo-gating, ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment. This holistic approach reflects Google’s commitment to balancing market expansion with user welfare and legal compliance.

In conjunction with these developments, Google is also revising its service fee model for RMG apps. This adjustment aims to mirror the value provided by Google Play and support the sustainability of the Android and Play ecosystems. This move signals a shift in the economic model for RMG app developers, indicating potential increases in service fees. However, this change is also seen as an opportunity to align more closely with the unique revenue models and economic realities of the RMG sector.

Navigating the New Landscape: Challenges and Benefits for Developers

With these impending changes, Google is engaging closely with developers to ensure that the new service fee model is attuned to the distinct dynamics of the RMG industry. More detailed information on this updated fee structure is anticipated in the upcoming months, providing clarity and guidance to RMG app developers.

This expansion in the RMG app market not only opens new avenues for innovation and revenue generation for developers but also places a renewed focus on user safety and responsible gaming practices. It represents a significant milestone for the mobile gaming industry, positioning Google Play as a pioneering platform in embracing and regulating this growing sector.


As Google Play Store embarks on this new chapter, it sets a precedent for how digital platforms can innovatively expand their offerings while maintaining a commitment to user protection and regulatory compliance. The anticipated growth in the RMG app market will undoubtedly be a topic of keen interest and scrutiny in the gaming industry, with Google Play at the forefront of this transformative journey.

In conclusion, Google Play Store’s move to allow more unregulated real-money gaming apps marks a significant evolution in the mobile gaming landscape. It presents a blend of opportunities and challenges for developers, underlining the importance of balancing market expansion with responsible gaming practices. As the RMG sector continues to grow, Google Play’s leadership in this arena will likely shape the future direction of the industry.

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