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Scott Butera Named President and CEO of Affinity Interactive



Scott Butera Takes the Helm: A New Era for Affinity Interactive

In a move poised to redefine leadership in the gaming sector, Affinity Interactive has ushered in Scott Butera as its new President and CEO.

With a storied career that spans over three decades across various high-profile industries, Butera is set to steer Affinity Interactive toward unprecedented growth.

Envision a gaming landscape transformed by cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach, led by a veteran known for groundbreaking strategies.

Read on to explore how Scott Butera’s expertise will shape the future of Affinity Interactive and the broader gaming industry.


Scott Butera: A Proven Leader in Gaming and Entertainment

Affinity Interactive has made a strategic move by appointing Scott Butera as President and CEO, a decision that could significantly influence the future trajectory of the company. Butera brings to the table over 30 years of rich experience in gaming, hospitality, media, entertainment, and sports. His leadership is expected to harness this diverse expertise to drive growth and innovation within Affinity Interactive.

Transformative Leadership at Sports Information Group

Before his latest role, Butera led the Sports Information Group (SIG), a pivotal part of Affinity, where he implemented key initiatives that enhanced retail and business product development. His efforts notably boosted e-commerce sales for the Daily Racing Form, demonstrating his ability to blend traditional business growth with modern technology.

Distinguished Career in Major Corporations

Scott Butera’s career is marked by notable leadership positions at some of the most prestigious organizations in the entertainment and gaming industries. As the former CEO and President at MGM Resorts International, the Arena Football League, Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Tropicana Entertainment, and Trump Entertainment, he has consistently shown that he can navigate and succeed in complex business environments.

Strategic Vision for Affinity Interactive

James J. Zenni Jr., Chairman of Affinity Interactive and Founder, President, and CEO of ZCG, has expressed high confidence in Butera’s leadership capabilities. “Scott’s operating acumen and deep knowledge of the gaming and entertainment industries have been instrumental in expanding our product offerings and enhancing the sports and gaming experience globally,” said Zenni. This endorsement underscores the strategic alignment between Butera’s vision and the company’s objectives.


A Look at Butera’s Goals and Strategies

Scott Butera is committed to advancing Affinity Interactive’s mission to elevate the gaming industry through advanced technology and unparalleled customer offerings. This includes expanding digital media platforms as well as enhancing in-person gaming experiences, thereby reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

“I am eager to collaborate with Jim and leverage my familiarity with the business as well as my passion for driving innovative change to execute on Affinity Interactive’s long

-term strategic priorities,” Butera commented. His enthusiasm for integrating technology with user-centric services is likely to propel the company into new areas of success.

Innovating Customer Experience Across Platforms

Central to Butera’s strategy is enhancing the customer experience across all platforms. This means not only improving the interface and features of digital gaming platforms but also ensuring that in-person gaming facilities meet the highest standards of service and engagement. By focusing on both digital and physical realms, Butera aims to create a seamless and enriching experience for all users, nearly totaling 1 million worldwide.


Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Growth

Under Scott Butera’s leadership, Affinity Interactive is poised to foster a culture that prioritizes innovation and continuous improvement. This approach will likely attract top talent and encourage existing employees to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming and entertainment industries. By cultivating an environment where innovation thrives, Butera is setting Affinity Interactive on a path to becoming a leader not just in gaming, but in global entertainment.

Driving Global Expansion and Partnerships

One of Butera’s notable strengths is his ability to forge strategic partnerships that expand business horizons. His previous roles have demonstrated his capability to negotiate and secure deals that benefit all parties involved, enhancing the company’s standing in the global market. This skill will be invaluable as Affinity Interactive seeks to extend its reach internationally, tapping into new markets and demographics.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Gaming Dynamics

Technology is at the heart of the modern gaming experience, and Butera’s background in media and entertainment technology will be crucial in integrating cutting-edge solutions into Affinity Interactive’s offerings. From virtual reality gaming experiences to advanced data analytics for improving customer engagement, the potential to innovate under Butera’s leadership is vast. These technological advancements will not only enhance the gaming experience but also improve operational efficiencies and drive revenue growth.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Affinity Interactive

With Scott Butera at the helm, Affinity Interactive is embarking on a transformative journey that will likely reshape its future and impact the broader gaming industry. His comprehensive experience, coupled with a clear vision for innovation and growth, positions him as the ideal leader to guide Affinity Interactive through this new era.


As Butera integrates into his role and begins to implement his strategic initiatives, both the industry and consumers alike will undoubtedly watch with keen interest. The coming years under Butera’s leadership will be crucial in determining how Affinity Interactive not only adapts to the evolving demands of the gaming market but also how it leads the charge in setting new industry standards.

For those involved in gaming and entertainment, Scott Butera’s presidency at Affinity Interactive marks a significant moment of potential and promise, indicating exciting developments in the near future. The strategies laid out by Butera are expected to drive forward not just a company, but an entire industry towards greater innovation, customer engagement, and global reach.

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