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Unlocking Success: Quixant’s Industry-Focused Partnership in Gaming and Sports Betting



Prepare to explore a transformative alliance that’s reshaping the gaming and sports betting landscape. In an industry where success hinges on the right blend of innovation, expertise, and specialized solutions, Quixant emerges as the game-changer. Dive into a world where gaming cabinets and sports betting kiosks are revolutionized, where industry focus reigns supreme, and where Quixant, with its dedicated commitment, is rewriting the rules. Join us on a journey through the realm of a partner like no other, where every move is calculated, and every product is a masterpiece.

In the realm of gaming cabinets and sports betting kiosks, where innovation is currency, and success is non-negotiable, finding the right partner can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. It’s a world where priorities range from crafting captivating content to optimizing cutting-edge hardware platforms and software solutions, a world where staying ahead is both the goal and the challenge. In this dynamic environment, Quixant, with its unwavering commitment and industry-focused approach, emerges as the beacon of transformation.

As the gaming industry, particularly land-based establishments, recovers from its most formidable challenges, it’s clear that resilience and adaptability are the keys to survival. The COVID-19 pandemic may be in the rearview mirror, but its economic aftershocks, particularly the global wave of inflation, continue to reverberate. Rising energy costs and a mounting cost-of-living crisis have placed the hospitality, entertainment, and gaming sectors under immense pressure.

Despite these ongoing challenges, the North American and European land-based gaming markets have displayed remarkable resilience. Gross gaming revenue has rebounded, surpassing or closely matching pre-pandemic levels of 2019. In the United States, commercial casino land-based slot gross gaming revenue even reached an all-time high in 2022, surpassing $34 billion. The industry’s vigor is further exemplified by MGM Resorts International, reporting record revenue for the third quarter of 2023, primarily driven by substantial casino earnings, indicating no signs of slowing down.


Yet, amidst the recovery, the relentless surge in costs across the hospitality and entertainment sectors demands careful management of expenses. This critical juncture underscores the significance of reliable suppliers that offer not only value for money but also vital services. Suppliers must be lean, efficient, and attuned to the unique challenges faced by casinos and land-based establishments.

For Duncan Faithfull, the Chief Commercial Officer at Quixant, an industry-specific technology solutions provider, this industry focus is the linchpin of success. Quixant specializes exclusively in gaming and sports betting, positioning itself as a guardian of the industry’s prosperity.

Faithfull explains, “We invest all of our efforts, resources, and R&D into providing the best solutions for the gaming and sports betting sector. Our competitors focus on multiple verticals, dedicating limited resources to these industries. Our commitment and dedication to the gaming and sports betting industries are what set us apart from our competitors and enable us to provide game-changing, specialist solutions and exceptional customer experiences to all of our clients.”

In an era where delivering the right products to players at the right cost is paramount, game developers and operators need a hardware partner capable of seamlessly bridging the gap. Quixant, as the market leader in outsourced hardware solutions for the global gaming and sports betting market, strives to meet these demands with a diverse array of products.


Quixant’s hardware product portfolio comprises three core ranges: IQ, IQON, and QMAX. These platforms cater to various power, performance, market, and cost requirements, ensuring a versatile selection for partners. Furthermore, Quixant’s global supply chains translate into reduced costs and lead times, a critical advantage in these challenging times.

Recognizing the ever-evolving industry demands, Quixant has expanded its hardware range to incorporate two Intel-based options, complementing its existing AMD offerings. The IQON 2, powered by Intel, introduces new features and benefits, designed for the rapid development and delivery of immersive game content and sports betting experiences. On the other hand, the QMAX 3, unveiled at ICE earlier this year, is engineered to deliver the highest resolution content, the smoothest gameplay, and the ultimate player experience.

Complementing its hardware offerings, Quixant boasts a range of cabinets and kiosks, including Quantum for gaming and Qinetic for sports betting, available in various display configurations to effectively showcase customers’ gaming content or sportsbooks. Moreover, Quixant’s Software Suite aligns seamlessly with the gaming and sports betting industries’ requirements, enhancing the customer experience and enabling clients to focus on optimizing content.

Faithfull emphasizes, “We work effectively with gaming and sportsbook manufacturers to deliver their content in the most vivid way, allowing them to focus their time on creating unique content. We strive to revolutionize the customer experience and have included our Software Suite solutions as standard across all of our platforms, enhancing the customer experience further.”


In a business landscape fraught with uncertainty, the value of trusted partnerships cannot be overstated. Quixant, armed with over two decades of industry experience, aims to provide an even more comprehensive service to its clients. Beyond supplying premium hardware platforms, cabinets, and kiosks, Quixant positions itself as an extension of its clients’ teams, offering consultancy services focused on achieving success.

“As we have been in the industry for over 20 years, we have developed a wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience, and this is what formed the foundation of our consultancy services,” Faithfull explains. “We truly believe in the power of partnerships and believe we can provide a lot of value to our customers through our consultancy services, global supply chain solutions, and revolutionary product range.”

Clients engaging with Quixant can expect a holistic, 360-degree relationship, encompassing every facet of their needs. From guidance on product solutions to support throughout the entire product development journey, Quixant strives to help clients integrate all elements of their products, enhancing the performance of Quixant solutions.

Looking ahead, Quixant recognizes the vast potential of the Latin American (LatAm) gaming market, an exciting frontier for industry growth. As operators and game developers explore this lucrative region, Quixant is uniquely positioned with its long-established global supply chains, operations, and industry partnerships. The company has extended its presence to Latin America, complete with a dedicated team proficient in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, to navigate local regulations and minimize lead times.


Faithfull states, “We believe that the LatAm markets offer significant growth potential for land-based gaming. Many of our customers are looking to expand and grow in this region, so we believe it is critical to have a team of English, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers, dedicated to this market, to understand local regulations and how supply chains work to minimize lead times. With the environment in Brazil slowly evolving, our clients are eager to seize the opportunity to target this market, and we are ready with a supply chain solution which will give a real market advantage to our customers.”

In a world where mutually beneficial partnerships are key to thriving in the post-COVID-19 era and amid economic challenges, Quixant stands as a steadfast ally. As operators cast their gaze toward 2024, Quixant is poised to unveil new technological advancements, building upon a successful year of expansion and innovation.

Faithfull concludes, “2023 has been a successful year for Quixant. Despite the global economic headwinds, we have made significant progress this year; not just financially, but also with the expansion of our product range, with the launch of the new Intel-based IQON and QMAX, as well as our turnkey cabinet solutions. We look forward to unveiling another exciting Intel-based product at ICE 2024.”


Jerome, a valuable addition to the Gamingo.News team, brings with him extensive journalistic experience in the iGaming sector. His interest in the industry was sparked during his college years when he participated in local poker tournaments, eventually leading to his exposure to the burgeoning world of online poker and casino rooms. Jerome now utilizes his accumulated knowledge to fuel his passion for journalism, providing the team with the latest online scoops.

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