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Macau’s Former Junket Boss Levo Chan Gets Reduced Jail Term



In a significant legal turn, the Court of Second Instance in Macau has rewritten the fate of former junket boss Levo Chan and his co-defendants, unraveling a complex web of convictions and acquittals.

This courtroom drama saw Chan’s prison sentence reduced, fraud charges dismissed, and a noteworthy increase in the government’s compensation claims. As we delve into this high-stakes legal saga, we uncover the nuances of this landmark decision and its implications.

Revising Sentences and Dismissing Charges

The Court of Second Instance in Macau has reevaluated the sentences of Levo Chan and his fellow defendants in a sensational illegal gambling case. Notably, Chan’s original 14-year prison term has been trimmed to 13 years. This judicial review comes as a culmination of legal proceedings that have gripped the region’s attention.

Acquittal on Fraud Charges

A pivotal moment emerged as the court not only reduced sentences but also dismissed the fraud charges that had loomed over the defendants. The Prosecutions Office’s appeal for harsher penalties was firmly rejected, signaling a pivotal shift in the case’s trajectory.


Upholding Other Convictions

While the acquittal on fraud charges made headlines, the intermediate court remained steadfast in its convictions for other offenses. These included involvement in a secret society, organized crime activities, illicit gaming operations, and money laundering. The legal landscape surrounding the case remains complex.

Complicated Compensation Dynamics

The legal intricacies extend to the compensation obligations of the defendants. Initially, Levo Chan and his co-defendants were tasked with compensating six gaming concessionaires and the government, amounting to nearly HKD779.7 million. However, with the dismissal of fraud charges, this obligation no longer persists.

Government’s Compensation Claim Increases

In a surprising twist, the Court of Second Instance opted to amplify the government’s compensation claim. The defendants are now compelled to pay a substantial MOP2.49 billion, reflecting the illicit gains resulting from clandestine gambling activities. This significant financial obligation reshapes the aftermath of the legal proceedings.

The Court of Second Instance’s decision reverberates through the legal corridors of Macau, altering the course of a high-profile gambling case. Levo Chan’s reduced prison term and the dismissal of fraud charges mark pivotal moments in this intricate legal drama. The surge in the government’s compensation claim underscores the profound impact of this landmark ruling on Macau’s legal landscape. Stay tuned as the aftermath of this courtroom saga unfolds.


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188Bet Embracing the Philippines’ Gaming Landscape



188Bet’s Return to Philippines: A Vote of Confidence in Regulatory Environment

Amidst shifting tides in the global gambling industry, the return of 188Bet to the Philippines emerges as a symbol of trust and optimism in the regulatory landscape. Following its relocation during the Duterte administration, 188Bet’s decision to establish roots once more in the Philippines underscores the nation’s growing allure as a hub for gaming enterprises.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) warmly welcomed 188Bet’s relocation, hailing it as a significant endorsement of the country’s regulatory framework. This pivotal move not only marks a strategic business decision for 188Bet but also reflects broader industry trends and governmental initiatives aimed at fostering a conducive environment for gaming investments.

Chairman and CEO of PAGCOR, Alejandro H. Tengco, lauded 188Bet’s return as a “huge vote of confidence,” emphasising the nation’s commitment to fairness and transparency in its regulatory practices. With the establishment of a new Philippine-based entity, BestCommerce Corporation, under PAGCOR’s licensure and supervision, 188Bet is poised to reenter the market with renewed vigor and compliance.


188Bet’s resurgence aligns seamlessly with PAGCOR’s overarching vision to catalyse sustained growth within the gaming sector. Chairman Tengco’s projections of annual Integrated Resort (IR) inaugurations and strategic expansions across key locales paint a promising picture of the industry’s trajectory in the coming years. Additionally, PAGCOR’s strategic pivot toward regulatory oversight underscores its dedication to fostering a competitive yet equitable gaming landscape.

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