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Macau’s Licensed Gaming Junkets Halved: Tightening Regulatory Controls



Major shake-up in Macau’s gaming industry!

Strict new regulations see gaming junkets cut by half.

Learn how Macau is transforming its VIP gambling sector.

Dive into the details of Macau’s stringent new junket policies.

Macau’s Gaming Junkets Undergo Drastic Reduction Amid New Regulations

Macau, the renowned gaming hub, has experienced a significant shift in its gaming junket landscape, with licensed operators plummeting to just 18, as per the city’s gaming regulator. This change reflects a tightened grip on the sector by regulatory authorities.


Renewal and Reduction: A New Era for Junkets

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) oversees the annual license renewals for junket operators. From 36 licenses in 2023, the number has sharply declined to only 18 for the current year. This reduction is stark, considering the sector once boasted over 100 licensed companies before the pandemic, and more than 200 at its zenith a decade ago.

Limits Set for Casino and Junket Partnerships

In a move to further regulate the industry, Macau’s gaming authorities capped the maximum number of licensed junkets for casino operators at 50 for 2024. Among these, Sands China and SJM Holdings have secured permissions to work with up to 12 junkets each. Following closely are MGM China Holdings and Melco Resorts & Entertainment with eight partnerships each. Galaxy Entertainment Group and Wynn Macau, meanwhile, have the green light to cooperate with five licensed junket companies.

New Legislation Brings Stringent Control

The recent drop in licensed junkets aligns with new laws granting the government more control over the junket sector. These laws include a commission rate cap for VIP junkets at 1.25% of rolling chip turnover and a 5% monthly tax on junket commissions. Furthermore, these operators can no longer share any casino revenue with their gaming concessionaire partners.

Draft Bill of the Gaming Credit Law Under Review

Concurrently, the Gaming Credit Law draft bill is being scrutinized at the legislative assembly, reflecting significant amendments. The government’s proposal restricts gaming credit issuance to gaming concessionaires, barring licensed gaming promoters from extending credit.


These sweeping changes mark a new chapter in Macau’s gaming industry, signifying a transformative period for VIP gambling and regulatory practices.

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Karnataka’s Strategic Crackdown on Online Gambling



Karnataka’s proactive stance against online gambling marks a pivotal moment in India’s approach to regulating digital betting. By advocating for comprehensive legislation and national collaboration, Karnataka aims to create a safer and more responsible online gambling environment. As the state embarks on this journey, its efforts may pave the way for a cohesive national strategy, blending economic considerations with the welfare of citizens in the digital age.

Karnataka’s Stance on Online Gambling

In the wake of growing concerns over the harmful effects of online gambling, Karnataka’s government, led by Home Minister G Parameshwara, has announced its intention to explore comprehensive measures against the digital betting menace. This proactive approach underscores a broader commitment to safeguard citizens from the financial and social distress caused by unchecked online gambling activities.

The Challenge of Regulating Digital Betting

The proliferation of betting and online gambling apps, particularly those centered around cricket, has become a significant issue for families across Karnataka. The state’s government acknowledges the complexity of imposing a ban on online gaming, given that many operations are based outside the state’s jurisdiction, necessitating a coordinated effort at the national level.

Seeking a Comprehensive Policy from the Central Government

The call for a comprehensive policy from India’s central government highlights the need for a unified strategy to combat online gambling. Minister Parameshwara’s stance reflects an understanding that piecemeal, state-level actions are insufficient to address the challenges posed by the digital nature of these activities, which transcend geographical boundaries.


The Economic Paradox of Online Gambling

IT-BT Minister Priyank Kharge sheds light on the paradoxical nature of the online gambling sector, revealing its significant economic footprint. With an estimated worth of Rs 1.6 lakh crore, the sector’s contribution to tax revenue, including TDS and GST, is projected to be substantial in the coming years. This economic consideration adds a layer of complexity to the debate on regulating online gambling.

Navigating the Path Forward

As Karnataka explores legislative avenues and seeks collaboration with the central government, the state sets a precedent for others in India grappling with similar issues. The challenge lies in balancing the economic benefits derived from the online gambling sector with the imperative to protect citizens from its detrimental effects.

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