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New Jersey Launches Responsible Gaming Task Force



New Jersey Forms Responsible Gaming Task Force to Address Problem Gambling

In a significant move to address problem gambling, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed Executive Order No. 360, establishing a Responsible Gaming Task Force. This initiative underscores the state’s commitment to mitigating the impacts of problem gambling and protecting its most vulnerable communities. Leading this task force is Attorney General Matt Platkin, who will oversee the efforts of various public officials to develop comprehensive strategies and solutions.

A New Initiative for Responsible Gaming

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 360 marks a critical step in New Jersey’s ongoing efforts to promote responsible gaming practices. The task force, chaired by Attorney General Matt Platkin, will delve into the multifaceted issue of problem gambling, scrutinizing its prevalence, causes, and effects on different demographics within the state.

Composition of the Task Force

The Responsible Gaming Task Force will comprise seven public officials, including:

  • The chairs of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission
  • Division of Consumer Affairs
  • Division of Gaming Enforcement
  • Division of State Lottery
  • New Jersey Racing Commission
  • Commissioner of the Department of Human Services

Objectives and Responsibilities

The task force’s primary goal is to assess the current landscape of problem gambling in New Jersey and propose actionable measures to address it. Key responsibilities include:

  • Conducting comprehensive research on problem gambling trends and statistics
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing prevention and treatment programs
  • Identifying high-risk groups and tailoring interventions accordingly
  • Collaborating with community organizations and stakeholders to enhance support systems
  • Developing policy recommendations to strengthen responsible gaming regulations

Interim Updates and Final Report

The task force is expected to provide periodic interim updates on its progress, with a final report due by March 31. This report will outline findings, insights, and recommendations, serving as a blueprint for future initiatives aimed at combating problem gambling in New Jersey.

Rutgers University Study Highlights Problem Gambling Rates

According to a 2023 report from the Rutgers University Center for Gambling Studies, approximately 6 per cent of New Jersey residents are identified as high-risk for problem gambling. This figure significantly exceeds the national average range of 1 to 2 per cent, highlighting the urgent need for targeted interventions. The report also pointed out that black or Hispanic residents experience the highest rates of problem gambling, indicating a disproportionate impact on these communities.


Addressing Disparities in Problem Gambling

The task force will place a particular emphasis on understanding and addressing the disparities in problem gambling rates among different demographic groups. By focusing on communities that are disproportionately affected, such as black and Hispanic populations, the task force aims to develop culturally sensitive and effective strategies to mitigate the risks and provide adequate support.

The Role of the Casino Control Commission

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission, a key member of the task force, will play a crucial role in implementing new regulations and guidelines aimed at promoting responsible gaming. The commission’s involvement ensures that the state’s casinos adhere to stringent standards designed to protect players and minimize the risks associated with gambling.

Enhancing Consumer Protection Measures

The Division of Consumer Affairs will be instrumental in enhancing consumer protection measures within the gambling industry. By advocating for stronger regulatory frameworks and more transparent practices, the division will help safeguard consumers from the potential harms of gambling.

Strengthening Enforcement and Compliance

The Division of Gaming Enforcement will focus on strengthening enforcement and compliance mechanisms to ensure that gambling operators adhere to responsible gaming practices. This includes rigorous monitoring and enforcement of gaming regulations, as well as imposing penalties on operators that fail to comply.


Supporting Vulnerable Populations

The Department of Human Services will be tasked with developing support programs for vulnerable populations affected by problem gambling. This includes providing access to treatment and counseling services, as well as raising awareness about the risks associated with gambling.

Collaboration with Community Organizations

The task force will collaborate with various community organizations and stakeholders to enhance support systems for individuals affected by problem gambling. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these organizations, the task force aims to create a comprehensive network of support for those in need.

The Importance of Responsible Gaming Education

A key component of the task force’s strategy will be to promote responsible gaming education. By educating the public about the risks of gambling and the importance of responsible gaming practices, the task force aims to prevent the onset of problem gambling behaviors and reduce the overall incidence of gambling-related harm.


The establishment of the Responsible Gaming Task Force marks a significant milestone in New Jersey’s efforts to address problem gambling. By bringing together a diverse group of public officials and leveraging their collective expertise, the task force is well-positioned to develop comprehensive strategies to mitigate the impact of problem gambling and protect vulnerable communities. As the task force embarks on its mission, it is essential that it maintains a focus on transparency, collaboration, and evidence-based decision-making to achieve its goals.


With a robust framework and a clear mandate, the Responsible Gaming Task Force is poised to make a significant impact in New Jersey. By addressing problem gambling head-on and implementing effective measures, the state can create a safer and more responsible gaming environment for all its residents.

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