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GGL Warns Against Illegal Betting for Euro 2024



GGL Issues Strong Warning Against Illegal Betting Ahead of Euro 2024

As Euro 2024 approaches, a significant warning has been issued against illegal betting activities.

The Joint Gambling Authority of the German States (GGL), in collaboration with the Federal Drug Commissioner, highlights the risks associated with illegal online sports betting.

Discover why participating in illegal gambling not only constitutes a criminal offense but also poses severe risks of addiction and other dangers.

Learn how to stay informed about legal betting options and understand the steps being taken to protect players and combat illegal operators.


GGL Issues Strong Warning Against Illegal Betting Ahead of Euro 2024

Germany.- With the 2024 European Football Championship on the horizon, the Joint Gambling Authority of the German States (GGL) has joined forces with Federal Drug Commissioner Burkhard Blienert to issue a stern warning about the perils of engaging in illegal online sports betting. This joint statement underscores the multifaceted risks, both legal and personal, associated with participating in unlicensed gambling activities.

The Legal and Personal Risks of Illegal Betting

The GGL stresses that illegal betting sites operate outside the framework of legally prescribed measures designed to protect against gambling addiction and safeguard minors. Engaging in illegal gambling not only constitutes a criminal offense but also significantly increases the risk of developing a gambling addiction. These sites lack the necessary oversight to ensure player protection, exposing participants to higher levels of risk.

Ronald Benter, CEO of the GGL, highlighted the importance of legal compliance: “We ensure that legal sports betting providers comply with the legal requirements for the protection of players. It is therefore important to find out about the options for legal gambling before taking part in a game.”

Benter also emphasized the GGL’s proactive stance against illegal activities: “At the same time, together with other institutions, we are also fighting illegal gambling offers and advertising in order to ensure the prevention of gambling addiction and the protection of players and young people.”


The Role of Government and Regulatory Bodies

Federal Government Commissioner for Addiction and Drug Issues, Burkhard Blienert, added his voice to the campaign against illegal betting: “With illegal sports betting, youth and player protection in particular falls completely flat, which can mean an increased risk of addiction. Together with the GGL, it is our task to provide more information and transparency and to protect players.”

Blienert stressed the need for robust legal tools to combat illegal betting providers effectively: “To do this, however, we still need a sharp legal sword in order to be able to take action against illegal betting providers.”

Advocating for Legal Reforms

The GGL is advocating for an amendment to the Criminal Code to facilitate the prosecution of illegal gambling. The current plan to delete the paragraph concerning illegal gambling from the Criminal Code, the GGL argues, would undermine efforts to combat illegal activities. Instead, the GGL suggests extending this paragraph to include foreign-based illegal gambling providers. The GGL board has formally called for this clarification in a letter to Federal Minister of Justice Dr. Buschmann.

Enhanced Supervision During Euro 2024

In alignment with these efforts, the GGL plans to tighten its supervision regarding compliance with sports betting advertising regulations during the European Football Championship. This initiative coincides with GGL’s recently commissioned research into the impact of gambling advertising on the population.


The forthcoming championship is expected to be a prime time for heightened betting activities, both legal and illegal. Therefore, the GGL’s enhanced vigilance aims to ensure that advertising practices do not contribute to the proliferation of illegal gambling and to protect consumers from unregulated operators.

The Importance of Legal Betting Options

For bettors, understanding the legal landscape is crucial. Legal betting platforms are mandated to follow stringent regulations that ensure fair play, responsible gambling, and the protection of vulnerable groups. These platforms offer mechanisms for self-exclusion, deposit limits, and access to support services for those who may struggle with gambling addiction.

By contrast, illegal betting sites often operate without such safeguards, making them dangerous not only for the individual gambler but also for the integrity of sports and the broader community.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

As Euro 2024 draws nearer, the GGL’s warning serves as a critical reminder of the dangers associated with illegal betting. Players are urged to engage only with licensed operators who comply with the legal frameworks designed to protect them.


The coordinated efforts of the GGL and Federal Drug Commissioner Burkhard Blienert underscore a broader commitment to combating illegal gambling and ensuring a safer betting environment. As regulatory bodies call for stronger legal measures and enhanced supervision, the message is clear: illegal betting poses significant risks and will be met with stringent action.

Stay informed, bet responsibly, and support the ongoing fight against illegal gambling to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience for all.

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