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French Gambling Regulator’s Euro 2024 Awareness Campaign Launched



French Gambling Regulator Launches Major Awareness Campaign Ahead of Euro 2024

As Euro 2024 approaches, the French gambling regulator ANJ is taking decisive action to raise awareness about gambling harm, particularly among young people.

Learn how the ANJ’s new campaign aims to spotlight the risks of sports betting addiction and provide vital resources for those affected.

Discover the innovative elements of the campaign, including personal stories of addiction, digital ads, and tools for evaluating gambling habits.

Stay informed about the ANJ’s efforts to promote responsible gambling and protect vulnerable populations during major sporting events.


French Gambling Regulator Launches Awareness Campaign for Euro 2024

The French gambling regulator, L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), has initiated a comprehensive awareness and prevention campaign to address gambling harm ahead of Euro 2024. This initiative, designed by the agency Rosbeef!, underscores the ANJ’s commitment to mitigating the risks associated with sports betting, especially among young people.

Targeting Youth and Highlighting Risks

The ANJ’s campaign takes a critical stance towards the mandatory warnings currently required in gambling advertisements, suggesting that these warnings alone are insufficient to convey the serious risks of sports betting addiction. The campaign includes powerful stories of individuals grappling with gambling addiction and directs viewers to the Evalujeu website. This platform offers tools for assessing gambling habits and provides access to advice and support services.

Diverse Campaign Elements

The campaign is strategically diverse, encompassing digital display ads, social media ads on platforms like Snapchat, a digital audio radio spot, publications in So Foot magazine, and video clips featuring testimonials from players. These elements are designed to reach a broad audience, particularly young people who are most vulnerable to the allure of sports betting.

Addressing a National Issue

A recent study revealed that over half of the French population plans to follow Euro 2024, and more than a third of these viewers intend to place bets on the event. Football remains the most popular sport for betting in France, accounting for 52 percent of online bets and over €4 billion in wagers in 2023. This statistic underscores the importance of the ANJ’s campaign in promoting responsible gambling practices during such high-stakes events.


Historical Context and Operator Criticism

The ANJ has a history of holding gambling operators accountable for their marketing practices. During the previous Euro football championship in 2021, the regulator severely criticized operators for their excessive marketing campaigns. ANJ president Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin emphasized the need for continued vigilance and responsible practices during Euro 2024 and the upcoming Olympic Games.

Falque-Pierrotin stated, “Since the excesses of the Euro in 2021, gambling operators have become aware of their responsibilities in the fight against excessive gambling and have adjusted their practices. This positive dynamic must continue during the Euro and the Olympic Games, and the ANJ will be vigilant on the actual practices of each.”

Ombudsman’s Annual Report and Further Measures

In addition to the ANJ’s campaign, the French gambling ombudsman, Médiateur des Jeux, released its annual report last month. The report criticized operators for delaying or rejecting account suspension measures. Honorary magistrate Denys Millet called on operators to act swiftly when a player does not respond to prevention messages, avoids contact attempts, or exhibits a clear loss of control through increased deposits and bets.

Millet emphasized the importance of immediate intervention, stating, “Operators must implement suspension measures as soon as a player shows signs of problematic gambling behavior. Delay in action can lead to severe consequences for the individual and their families.”


Looking Forward: Ensuring Responsible Gambling

The ANJ’s proactive approach and comprehensive campaign reflect a broader commitment to responsible gambling in France. As the country gears up for Euro 2024, these measures aim to protect young people and the wider population from the potential harms of sports betting addiction. By leveraging digital media, personal stories, and practical tools, the ANJ hopes to foster a safer gambling environment.


As Euro 2024 draws near, the ANJ’s awareness campaign marks a significant step in promoting responsible gambling practices. With a multifaceted approach that includes digital outreach, personal testimonials, and practical resources, the campaign aims to mitigate the risks associated with sports betting, particularly for young people. The ANJ’s continued vigilance and proactive measures are essential in ensuring that gambling remains a safe and controlled activity in France.

For those seeking more information or assistance, the Evalujeu website offers valuable resources to help evaluate gambling habits and access support services. The ANJ’s efforts highlight the importance of responsible gambling, aiming to protect vulnerable populations during major sporting events.


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