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Swedish Regulator Supports Credit Gambling Ban, Seeks Clarity



Swedish Regulator Supports Ban on Gambling with Credit but Calls for More Clarity

Swedish Regulator Backs Credit Gambling Ban, Calls for Clearer Regulations

Imagine a gambling environment where using credit for betting is completely prohibited, ensuring responsible gambling practices across the board.

The Swedish gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, has thrown its weight behind a proposed ban on gambling with credit, advocating for stricter regulations to protect players.

Discover how this proposed ban could reshape the gambling landscape in Sweden, promoting responsible gambling and reducing financial risks for players.

Stay informed about the latest developments in Swedish gambling regulations and how they aim to enhance player protection.


Swedish Regulator Supports Ban on Gambling with Credit but Calls for More Clarity

Spelinspektionen Endorses the Credit Gambling Ban

The Swedish gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, has publicly supported the proposed ban on gambling with credit. This endorsement comes as the Ministry of Finance drafts new rules aimed at preventing gambling operators from accepting bets financed by credit, including credit cards. This proposed legislation builds on existing regulations that prohibit operators from extending credit to players.

Key Points of the Proposed Legislation

The new rules outlined by the Ministry of Finance encompass several critical measures:

  1. Ban on Credit Gambling: All gambling operators would be prohibited from accepting bets financed by credit. This includes the use of credit cards for gambling purposes.
  2. Action Plans for Excessive Gambling: Operators would be required to devise and implement action plans aimed at discouraging excessive gambling. Spelinspektionen would set the requirements for these plans.

Spelinspektionen’s Support and Concerns

While Spelinspektionen has supported the move, it has raised several concerns regarding the draft rules:

Public Benefit Lotteries

Spelinspektionen highlighted a lack of analysis on the consequences of the ban for public benefit lotteries. The current wording suggests that non-profit bingo and lottery operations, which do not accept payments by card, might not be covered by the ban. However, the regulator noted that public lotteries do sell tickets through digital channels, which could potentially involve credit payments. Spelinspektionen suggests implementing measures to prevent such sales from being made using credit.

Ambiguity in Definition of Credit

Another significant concern is the ambiguity in the definition of “credit.” Spelinspektionen questioned whether this definition includes current accounts and debit cards with credit limits. The draft rules do not specify investigative duties for licensees or agents, which means there might not be adequate checks to ensure that debit cards with credit limits are not used for gambling. Spelinspektionen has called for a clearer scope of the proposed ban regarding debit cards.


Technical Solutions and Agreements with Payment Service Providers

Spelinspektionen also pointed out the lack of detail on whether licensees and agents would need to introduce technical solutions or enter into agreements with payment service providers to enforce the ban effectively. Ensuring compliance would likely require such measures, but the current draft does not address this need.

International Context of Credit Gambling Bans

Several countries have already implemented bans on gambling using credit cards, setting a precedent for Sweden:

  • United Kingdom: The UK implemented its credit gambling ban in 2020. The UK Gambling Commission has reported positive outcomes from the ban, highlighting its success in promoting responsible gambling.
  • Norway and Australia: Both countries have stringent regulations against the use of credit for gambling.
  • Brazil: Recently, Brazil also introduced measures to prevent gambling with credit cards.

Moving Forward: Enhancing Player Protection

The proposed ban on credit gambling in Sweden aims to enhance player protection and promote responsible gambling. By prohibiting the use of credit for betting, the regulation seeks to minimize the financial risks associated with gambling, ensuring that players do not accrue debt from gambling activities.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Responsible Gambling

Spelinspektionen’s support for the proposed credit gambling ban is a significant step towards promoting responsible gambling in Sweden. However, the regulator’s concerns about the clarity and implementation of the rules highlight the need for a more detailed approach. Ensuring that the regulations are clear and enforceable will be crucial in achieving the desired outcomes of the ban.

As Sweden moves forward with these reforms, it will be essential to address the identified ambiguities and ensure that all gambling activities, including those conducted through digital channels, adhere to the new regulations. This will help create a safer gambling environment for all players and set a robust standard for responsible gambling practices.


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