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Bulgaria Enforces Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Ads



Bulgaria Implements Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Advertisements

Bulgaria’s Bold Step Towards Responsible Gambling

Imagine a country where gambling advertisements are almost completely wiped from public view, creating a safer environment for its citizens.

Bulgaria has taken a significant step to protect its population from the dangers of gambling addiction by implementing a comprehensive ban on gambling advertisements.

Understanding these changes and their implications can help stakeholders navigate the new landscape and ensure compliance.

Explore how Bulgaria’s new gambling regulations could reshape the industry and what it means for operators and consumers alike.


Bulgaria Implements Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Advertisements

Bulgaria has officially implemented a comprehensive ban on gambling advertisements across multiple platforms, including television, radio, print, and online media. This significant regulatory shift comes after the bill received approval from legislators last month and was subsequently signed off by President Rumen Radev. The legislation, now published in the State Gazette, aims to curb the promotion of gambling and mitigate the associated risks of addiction.

Scope of the Ban and Permissible Advertisements

Under the new rules, gambling advertisements are largely prohibited, with only a few exceptions. The permissible ads include:

  • Billboards located more than 100 meters from schools.
  • Advertisements on the buildings of gaming halls and casinos.

Even these allowed advertisements must include responsible gambling messaging that covers at least 10 percent of the ad space. This move emphasizes the government’s commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

The penalties for breaching the advertising ban are stringent. Offenders can face fines of up to BGN50,000 (€25,570), and repeat violations could lead to the withdrawal of their gambling licenses. Notably, television broadcasts of national sports tote draws are exempt from the advertising restrictions, allowing these specific gambling-related broadcasts to continue.

Legislative Support and Opposition

The bill, submitted by Temenuzka Petkova (GERB) and Yordan Tsonev (DPS), garnered substantial support in parliament, with 198 MPs voting in favor during its second reading. Despite opposition from operators and media stakeholders, the legislation passed, underscoring the Bulgarian government’s resolve to tackle gambling-related issues.


New Rules for Gambling Machines

In addition to advertising restrictions, the legislation introduces new rules for gambling machines, aiming to further control the gambling environment in Bulgaria. These include:

  • Ban on slots and casino gambling in areas with populations under 10,000, except in national resorts and border areas.
  • Increased minimum capital requirements for companies applying for slot machine licenses, raised from BGN500,000 to BGN750,000.
  • Introduction of a BGN100,000 “social responsibility fee” for online gambling operators, with half of this fee allocated to the Ministry of Health to fund gambling harm treatment and support.

Enhanced Self-Exclusion Measures

To strengthen consumer protection, the legislation also mandates that individuals receiving social assistance cannot remove themselves from the national gambling self-exclusion register. This measure aims to safeguard vulnerable populations from the risks of gambling addiction.

Enforcement and Compliance

The Council for Electronic Media will oversee compliance with the new advertising rules, while any violations will be referred to the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA), which regulates gambling in the country. This dual oversight mechanism ensures that the new regulations are enforced rigorously and consistently.

Context and Regional Comparisons

This comprehensive ban follows a recent parliamentary vote that rejected a previous proposal to ban gambling advertising. The current legislation, however, reflects a stronger political will to address gambling-related issues in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, neighboring Romania has implemented similar restrictions, banning slots in towns with fewer than 15,000 people, highlighting a regional trend towards stricter gambling regulations.

Implications for the Gambling Industry

The new regulations represent a significant shift for the gambling industry in Bulgaria. Operators will need to adapt to the stringent advertising restrictions and new rules for gambling machines. The increased financial requirements and social responsibility fees could also impact the profitability and operations of gambling businesses.


Industry and Public Reactions

Reactions to the new regulations have been mixed. While some industry stakeholders have expressed concerns about the impact on their businesses, others acknowledge the necessity of such measures to protect public health and promote responsible gambling.

Conclusion: A Landmark Decision for Responsible Gambling

Bulgaria’s comprehensive ban on gambling advertisements marks a landmark decision in the country’s approach to gambling regulation. By addressing both advertising and operational aspects of gambling, the government aims to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

Navigating the New Regulatory Landscape

Stay informed about the latest developments in Bulgaria’s gambling regulations. Operators must ensure compliance with the new rules and contribute to a responsible gambling culture. Engage with regulatory bodies, seek legal advice, and adjust your business strategies to thrive in this new landscape.


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