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Crown Resorts Retains Casino Licence in Sydney, NSW



Crown Resorts Secures Its Future in Sydney with Licence Retention

A Milestone Achievement for Regulatory Compliance and Ethical OperationsCrown Resorts marks a significant turnaround in Sydney by retaining its casino licence, heralding a new era of compliance and transparency in the gambling sector. This pivotal moment reflects Crown’s relentless efforts in reforming its operational standards and aligning with stringent regulatory expectations.

Crown’s Journey to Licence Retention:

Three years of rigorous scrutiny and transformative efforts have culminated in Crown Resorts retaining its unrestricted casino licence for its prestigious Sydney property. This decision by the New South Wales Independent Casino Commission (NICC) not only ends a period of uncertainty but also validates Crown’s extensive remediation measures and commitment to upholding high standards of operation.

Background of the Controversy:

In February 2021, the Bergin report declared Crown Sydney “unsuitable” to hold a casino licence due to serious failings, including money laundering issues and associations with junket operators linked to organised crime. This sparked a comprehensive review and overhaul of Crown’s governance, anti-money laundering measures, and operational practices.

Crown’s Comprehensive Response:

In response to the stringent critiques, Crown invested over AU$200 million in a sweeping transformation aimed at rectifying its governance structures and enhancing compliance and harm minimisation practices. Under the new ownership of Blackstone and with revamped leadership, Crown introduced significant changes including the adoption of cashless gaming systems to combat financial crimes and a new board of directors focused on ethical governance.


Regulatory Reassessment and Final Decision:

The NICC, taking over from the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority, conducted a thorough reassessment of Crown’s operations. It acknowledged that Crown Sydney had fundamentally reformed, aligning its operations with the legal and ethical standards required by regulators. The decision to allow Crown to operate without the previous restrictions signifies a recognition of these substantial internal reforms.

Impact of the Licence Retention:

The retention of the licence is poised to impact the Sydney community positively by ensuring continued employment and economic contributions while maintaining stringent oversight to prevent past misconducts. Crown’s proactive approach in addressing issues head-on has set a precedent in the gambling industry for corporate responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Challenges and Opportunities Moving Forward:

Despite the positive outcome, Crown Sydney faces ongoing challenges, including maintaining the rigorous standards it has set and continuing to build trust with regulators, patrons, and the broader community. The NICC has made it clear that while Crown has made commendable progress, the journey towards sustained compliance and ethical operation is ongoing.

What Does This Mean for the Gambling Industry in NSW?

Crown’s successful licence retention under stringent conditions sets a robust benchmark for other operators in the region. It underscores the critical importance of corporate governance, responsible gambling practices, and the need for continuous improvement within the industry.


The Role of Leadership in Crown’s Transformation:

Leadership changes have been central to Crown’s turnaround, with Blackstone’s takeover introducing new strategic directions. The appointment of experienced industry leaders has been instrumental in driving the cultural shift within the organization, focusing on ethical practices, compliance, and customer safety.

Future Outlook and Industry Implications:

The NICC’s decision is a testament to Crown’s transformation and a beacon for the future direction of the gambling industry in Australia. It illustrates the potential for redemption and reform within the sector, providing a framework for other companies facing similar scrutiny.


Crown Resorts’ retention of its Sydney casino licence marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history and in the broader Australian gambling landscape. It reflects a significant shift towards greater accountability and transparency in the industry. As Crown looks to the future, it carries the responsibility of upholding the high standards it has set, ensuring that its operations remain a model of integrity and innovation in the gaming world.

Navigating Forward:

With this regulatory approval, Crown Sydney is poised to redefine luxury gaming in Australia, setting new standards for responsible and ethical gambling operations. The NICC and Crown’s collaborative efforts to elevate industry practices may well inspire similar reforms globally, ensuring the gambling sector’s role is both economically and socially sustainable.


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