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Ecogra Authorized to Certify Betting Systems in Brazil



Ecogra Secures Authorization to Expand Testing Services in Brazil’s Booming Gambling Market

Ecogra Breaks New Ground in Brazil’s Gambling Sector—In a significant development for Brazil’s rapidly expanding gambling industry, Ecogra has been authorized by the Secretaria De Prêmios e Apostas (SPA) to operate as a certifying entity for betting systems, live gaming studios, and online games. This milestone not only strengthens Ecogra’s presence across Latin America but also marks a crucial step towards ensuring that Brazil’s gambling operations meet the highest standards of fairness and security. With over two decades of expertise in the field, Ecogra’s expansion into Brazil is poised to bring a new level of trust and quality assurance to one of the most dynamic gambling markets in the world.

Ecogra’s Growing Influence in Latin America

Ecogra’s authorization in Brazil represents another chapter in its substantial involvement across Latin American gambling jurisdictions. Having established a reputable presence in areas such as Buenos Aires City and Province, Mendoza, Colombia, and Peru, Ecogra is now set to make a significant impact in Brazil, where the demand for regulated gambling services continues to rise. This expansion is aligned with the organization’s mission to support the development of fair and secure gambling environments globally.

The Role of Ecogra in Brazil

With the latest authorization from SPA, Ecogra is now equipped to offer its comprehensive range of testing, inspection, and certification services within Brazil’s federal jurisdiction. This development comes at a pivotal time as Brazil continues to refine its regulatory frameworks to support the growth of its gambling sector. Operators and software developers in Brazil will now have access to Ecogra’s esteemed services to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, enhancing the integrity of gaming operations across the country.

Comments from Ecogra’s Leadership

Bradley Khoury, CTO of Ecogra, expressed enthusiasm about the organization’s new role in Brazil: “We are thrilled to bring over two decades of expertise in online gambling certification to the vibrant market of Brazil. This approval from the SPA of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance not only underscores our commitment to the highest standards of competence and quality but also opens an exciting new chapter for Ecogra.” Khoury’s statement highlights Ecogra’s readiness to collaborate with Brazilian operators and other stakeholders to promote a safe and fair gaming environment.


Ecogra’s Impact on Brazil’s Gambling Landscape

The entry of Ecogra into Brazil is expected to catalyze significant improvements in the quality and safety of online gambling experiences for Brazilian players. By ensuring that gaming platforms adhere to strict standards, Ecogra helps foster a gambling ecosystem that is both secure and enjoyable for users. The organization’s role in certifying iGaming experiences is crucial for building player trust and attracting responsible operators, which is especially important in a burgeoning market like Brazil.

Broader Implications for the Brazilian Market

Ecogra’s expansion into Brazil is timely, given the country’s ongoing efforts to enhance its gambling regulatory framework and attract legitimate investment in this sector. The introduction of a trusted certifying entity like Ecogra will assist in positioning Brazil as a competitive and reputable gambling destination in South America. This move is anticipated to encourage more operators to enter the Brazilian market, knowing they can rely on Ecogra’s certification to align with legal and regulatory requirements.

Conclusion: A Strategic Advancement for Brazilian Gambling

The authorization of Ecogra to operate as a certifying entity in Brazil marks a significant advancement in ensuring the transparency and fairness of gambling activities in the country. As Brazil continues to develop its gambling infrastructure, the partnership with a seasoned entity like Ecogra is crucial for upholding the quality and safety of betting systems. Looking ahead, Ecogra’s presence in Brazil is set to play a transformative role in shaping a robust and responsible gambling industry, benefiting operators, developers, and players alike.

Stay Updated and Engaged

For stakeholders in the gambling industry, staying informed about developments like Ecogra’s expansion into Brazil is essential. These advancements not only affect the immediate market but also set precedents for regulatory and operational practices worldwide. As the Brazilian gambling landscape evolves, keeping abreast of changes and understanding their implications will be key to navigating this dynamic sector effectively.


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