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PNL Moves to Shield Children from Gambling Ads on TV Programs


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The National Liberal Party (PNL) has taken a definitive stance to protect young viewers, calling for an unequivocal ban on the sponsorship of television programs for children by gambling operators. This protective initiative extends to prohibiting the advertising of energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco and vaping products during children-centric broadcasts.

Spearheaded by the leader of the PNL deputies, an amendment has been proposed during the discussions held by the Culture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. This significant revision aims to reduce the exposure of impressionable audiences to gambling and other adult-oriented product advertisements during children’s viewing hours.

“We are proactively introducing a new amendment within these legislative proposals, clearly stating that the sponsorship of children’s television programming by gambling operators must be strictly prohibited,” declared Andronache, the PNL group’s leading voice.

Highlighting a concerning trend, Andronache noted, “A disconcerting anomaly has emerged. Television programs, broadcasted at times clearly not designated for children’s viewing, are being sponsored by gambling operators.”

This legislative push extends to a broader ban, targeting the promotion of not just gambling, but also energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and vaping products within children’s programming—a multifaceted approach to nurturing a healthier youth.

Andronache emphasized the urgency of legislative intervention, “Currently, this regulation is merely outlined in the Audiovisual Code—a secondary norm. As the incidents of such inappropriate sponsorships increase, it’s imperative that we, as legislators, take decisive action to address this issue.”

Through this initiative, PNL is dedicated to reinforcing the protective barriers around children’s television content, ensuring that the youth can engage with programs designed for their entertainment and education without exposure to adult-oriented advertising.

Jerome McNamara
Jerome McNamara
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