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Play’n GO’s Magnus Thalin Reflects on ICE London 2024 and Exciting Plans for 2024



Play’n GO’s Magnus Thalin: A Glimpse into ICE London 2024 and Beyond

In an exclusive interview, Magnus Thalin, Play’n GO’s Commercial Director for Europe and Asia, sheds light on the company’s presence at ICE London 2024 and its ambitious plans for the year.

Setting the Stage for ICE London 2024

ICE London has always held a special place for Play’n GO, providing a platform for the gaming industry to unite and discuss future possibilities. While not boasting a grand stand this year, Play’n GO is sending a larger team than ever before, eager to connect with existing and potential partners, and unveil their upcoming strategies.

A Farewell to London

As ICE bids farewell to London, Play’n GO reflects on the event’s significance. The company’s journey, from humble beginnings with a roll-up sign and folding table to today’s thriving presence, is intertwined with ICE. Many pivotal partnerships have emerged from meetings at this very event, creating a sense of nostalgia.

However, Play’n GO embraces the fresh start in Barcelona in 2025, demonstrating their commitment to continue supporting ICE in the years to come.


The Significance of Industry Meetings

In a complex online casino landscape, industry events like ICE are essential for staying updated. With operations spanning over 25 regulated markets and a vast portfolio of 350 premium titles, Play’n GO recognizes the evolving nature of the industry. These events provide a vital opportunity to stay informed about regulatory changes, player preferences, and technological advancements.

Exploring Opportunities in 2024

The year 2024 holds immense promise for Play’n GO. The company’s rapid growth in North America is set to continue, closely monitoring regulatory developments worldwide. Latin America, from Mexico to Brazil, presents exciting prospects as more markets embrace sustainable iGaming regulation.

Play’n GO is gearing up to release a host of premium games and has introduced Play’n GO Music, a dedicated platform for showcasing the music featured in their titles.

Moreover, as the Formula 1 season kicks off in March, Play’n GO’s logo will grace the Haas Formula 1 team race suits, offering global exposure to their brand.


The Power of Diversification

Play’n GO’s commitment to delivering fun and entertaining user experiences sets them apart. Their diverse portfolio spans IP-licensed games, renowned series, and innovative mechanics. Their focus is on creating enjoyable moments, irrespective of wins or losses.

Breaking historical records for the number of rounds played in one day and achieving unprecedented success in December 2023, Play’n GO’s dedication to growth and innovation remains unwavering.

As they embark on 2024, Play’n GO is not resting on their laurels, poised for yet another year of remarkable achievements and non-stop growth.


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New York on the Brink of iGaming Revolution: Senator Addabbo Jr. Unveils the Future of Online Gaming



Unlocking New York’s Gaming Potential: The Vision of Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

In an era where online gaming is reshaping economies, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., a pivotal advocate for sports betting in New York, casts a vision for the future. He illuminates the path to legalising iGaming and iLottery, a move poised to revolutionize New York’s economic landscape. With a blend of anticipation and strategy, Addabbo Jr. addresses the vibrant potential these changes hold for the Empire State, symbolizing a new dawn in its gaming industry.

The Success Story of Sports Betting in NY

Surpassing Expectations: New York’s Sports Betting Milestone

Senator Addabbo Jr., reflecting on the meteoric rise of mobile sports betting in New York, underlines its groundbreaking success. The state, embracing this venture, witnessed a staggering surge in revenue, particularly in its initial phases. This success story not only signifies financial triumph but also lays a robust foundation for New York’s foray into broader gaming horizons, including iGaming.

Beyond Revenue: A Holistic Approach

More Than Money: The Comprehensive Impact of Legal Sports Betting


The benefits of sports betting in New York extend beyond mere financial gains. Addabbo Jr. emphasizes the employment opportunities it generated and the enhanced ability to address addiction. This approach, focusing on responsible gaming, underscores New York’s commitment to not just economic prosperity but also societal well-being.

Balancing Expansion and Responsibility

Striking the Right Balance: New York’s Responsible Gaming Blueprint

Navigating the nuances of legal gambling, Senator Addabbo Jr. highlights the delicate balance between advocating for expansion and ensuring responsible gaming. This equilibrium is vital for maintaining the integrity of the industry while catering to the evolving preferences of New Yorkers, ensuring a safe and sustainable gaming environment.

The Future of iGaming in NY

iGaming’s Promise: A Fiscal Lifeline for New York


As New York faces fiscal challenges, Addabbo Jr. sees iGaming and iLottery as potent solutions. Their potential legalisation could inject much-needed revenue into the state’s economy, especially in times of financial strain. This foresight positions iGaming as a crucial player in New York’s future economic stability.

Collaborating for a Secure Future

Towards a Responsible Gaming Ecosystem: A Unified Effort

Senator Addabbo Jr. emphasizes the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders, including the governor and gaming commission. This united front is essential for fostering a secure and responsible gaming landscape in New York, ensuring the industry’s growth is both lucrative and conscientious.

The Nationwide Perspective

A Model for Others: Why States Should Embrace Sports Betting


Drawing from New York’s experience, Senator Addabbo Jr. advises other states on the merits of legalizing sports betting. This move, he argues, not only retains revenue locally but also provides a framework to address mental health and addiction issues effectively, making it a win-win for states considering this path.

In conclusion, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.’s vision for New York’s gaming future is clear – a future where regulation, responsibility, and revenue coexist, propelling the state towards unprecedented economic and social prosperity.

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