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Scientific Games Renews Partnership with Washington Lottery as Scratch Card Provider



Scientific Games and Washington Lottery: A Thriving Partnership Spanning Four Decades

Imagine a partnership so successful it has thrived for over four decades, driving innovation and growth.

Scientific Games and Washington Lottery have just renewed their collaboration, ensuring continued excellence in scratch games.

Discover how this renewed agreement promises to deliver more exciting games and substantial community benefits.

Explore the details of this long-standing partnership and its impact on the gaming industry and local communities.


Scientific Games and Washington Lottery: A Thriving Partnership Spanning Four Decades

In a significant move that further solidifies their longstanding relationship, Scientific Games has signed a new contract with Washington Lottery, reinforcing its position as the official scratch card provider. This latest announcement marks an extension of a collaboration that has been ongoing for the last 40 years, a testament to the enduring success of their partnership.

A Legacy of Innovation and Growth

Scientific Games has been the primary provider of scratch games for Washington Lottery since its inception. Over the years, this partnership has evolved, driving substantial growth and innovation in the lottery sector. The new deal spans the next six years, with an option to extend for an additional four, ensuring that this fruitful relationship will continue well into the future.

In 2014, Scientific Games was named the lottery’s primary instant game partner, a move that catalyzed significant growth. Since then, Washington Lottery has reported a remarkable 60% increase in gross gaming revenue (GGR). This impressive growth highlights the effectiveness of their collaboration and the quality of the games provided by Scientific Games.

Commitment to Community and Entertainment

Gaylene Gray, Instant Product Manager for Washington Lottery, expressed her enthusiasm about the new deal. “Our work with Scientific Games has made a difference. We’ve been able to offer our players entertaining scratch game experiences while responsibly driving more funding for the good cause programs that enrich our communities.”


This sentiment underscores the dual focus of the partnership: providing high-quality entertainment to players and supporting community programs. The funds generated through the lottery have been instrumental in enriching various community initiatives, showcasing the broader impact of this collaboration.

A Global Leader in Lottery Solutions

Scientific Games continues to expand its influence in the global lottery market. Beyond Washington, the company has recently partnered with the Kansas Lottery and extended its collaboration with the New York Lottery. Internationally, it has forged partnerships with lotteries in Slovenia and Poland, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and growth on a global scale.

John Schulz, President of Americas and Global Instant Products for Scientific Games, spoke on the Washington deal: “It is a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Washington Lottery on its very successful product portfolio as the primary instant game provider. The Lottery’s team has always embraced innovation and is willing to try new ideas that entertain players and drive more funding for vital programs in the state.”

Driving Innovation in Scratch Games

The renewed agreement between Scientific Games and Washington Lottery promises to bring even more innovation to the scratch games market. By leveraging advanced technologies and creative game designs, the partnership aims to enhance the player experience and attract a broader audience.


Scientific Games’ commitment to innovation is evident in its approach to developing new games. The company continually explores cutting-edge technologies and creative concepts to ensure that its games remain engaging and relevant. This focus on innovation has been a key driver of the partnership’s success, helping Washington Lottery to consistently offer exciting and entertaining products to its players.

The Economic Impact of the Partnership

The economic benefits of the partnership between Scientific Games and Washington Lottery extend beyond revenue growth. The funds generated through the lottery support a wide range of community programs, from education and public safety to environmental conservation and social services.

By driving significant gross gaming revenue, the partnership has enabled Washington Lottery to make substantial contributions to these vital programs. This, in turn, helps to enhance the quality of life for residents across the state, showcasing the broader societal benefits of the lottery.

Embracing New Opportunities

As the partnership moves forward, both Scientific Games and Washington Lottery are committed to exploring new opportunities and embracing innovative solutions. This includes developing new game formats, leveraging digital technologies, and expanding the reach of the lottery to new audiences.


By staying at the forefront of industry trends and continuously seeking new ways to engage players, the partnership aims to sustain its growth and continue making a positive impact on the community. The renewed agreement is a testament to the strength of their collaboration and their shared commitment to excellence.

The Future of Scratch Games in Washington

Looking ahead, the future of scratch games in Washington looks bright. The renewed partnership between Scientific Games and Washington Lottery is set to bring even more exciting and innovative products to market. With a strong focus on player satisfaction and community benefits, the collaboration is poised to continue its trajectory of success.

The next phase of their partnership will likely see the introduction of new game formats, enhanced player experiences, and increased contributions to community programs. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, Scientific Games and Washington Lottery are well-positioned to achieve these goals and set new benchmarks for the industry.


The partnership between Scientific Games and Washington Lottery is a shining example of how collaboration can drive innovation, growth, and community benefits. Over the past 40 years, this relationship has delivered substantial economic and social benefits, transforming the landscape of the lottery industry in Washington.


As they enter the next phase of their partnership, Scientific Games and Washington Lottery are committed to continuing their legacy of excellence. By embracing new opportunities and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they are set to deliver even more exciting products and make a lasting impact on the community.

This renewed agreement is a testament to the enduring success of their collaboration and their shared vision for the future. As the partnership continues to thrive, it will undoubtedly set new standards for the lottery industry and inspire similar collaborations worldwide.

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