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BGaming & Superbet Join Forces to Revolutionize Romania’s iGaming Scene



BGaming’s Strategic Alliance with Superbet: A Milestone in Romanian Gaming Expansion

In the bustling world of online gambling, a groundbreaking partnership emerges, capturing the attention of enthusiasts and insiders alike. BGaming, a name synonymous with innovative and immersive gaming experiences, has forged a strategic alliance with Superbet, Romania’s premier gaming operator. This collaboration is not just news; it’s a game-changer in the Romanian market, promising to bring a suite of 41 licensed games that are sure to redefine player expectations and elevate the gaming landscape to new heights. With this move, BGaming cements its commitment to expansion and excellence, signaling a new era in online gaming. Let’s dive into this pivotal moment and explore the nuances of a partnership poised to shape the future of iGaming in Romania.

BGaming and Superbet: A Partnership of Titans

In the dynamic realm of online casinos, collaborations between content providers and operators are not uncommon. Yet, the recent announcement of BGaming’s partnership with Superbet stands out as a beacon of strategic growth and mutual ambition. BGaming, with its rich portfolio of engaging games, has chosen Superbet, a titan in Romania’s betting world, to expand its footprint in the region. This alliance is more than a mere agreement; it’s a testament to BGaming’s visionary approach and Superbet’s commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.

A Symphony of Gaming Excellence

At the heart of this partnership lies the integration of 41 BGaming titles, meticulously licensed for the Romanian market, into Superbet’s illustrious casino platform via iSoftBet’s game aggregator. This selection includes fan favorites such as Lucky Oak and Big Atlantis Frenzy, along with the promise of more captivating titles to follow. Each game is a masterpiece, blending engaging narratives with stunning graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, designed to keep players on the edge of their seats.

A Track Record of Success

BGaming’s journey into the Romanian market is not a leap into the unknown but a strategic expansion underpinned by previous successes. Having made its debut in October through a collaboration with, followed by a January partnership with WinBet, BGaming has steadily built a formidable presence in Romania. This third collaboration with Superbet is not just another notch on the belt but a significant stride towards dominating the Romanian iGaming scene.


Voices of Innovation and Growth

Olga Levshina, BGaming’s CCO, expressed delight over the integration, highlighting the partnership as a milestone following BGaming’s triumphant entry into Romania. This move underscores BGaming’s growing market position and its commitment to sharing its creative genius with a wider audience. On the flip side, Nicholas Yu, Superbet’s Head of Content & Live Casino, praised BGaming as an exceptional partner whose gaming portfolio aligns perfectly with Superbet’s vision of offering unique and unforgettable player experiences.

A Future of Boundless Possibilities

As BGaming continues to weave its narrative of expansion across Europe, the partnership with Superbet in Romania is a clear indicator of its ambitious roadmap. Last week’s announcement of a deal with Betsson to offer its slot games across Europe further exemplifies BGaming’s intent to leave a lasting imprint on the global iGaming industry.


The strategic alliance between BGaming and Superbet marks a pivotal chapter in the story of online gaming in Romania. It is a partnership founded on mutual respect, shared visions, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. As players in Romania and beyond prepare to dive into a world of unparalleled gaming experiences, one thing is clear: the future of iGaming, shaped by visionaries like BGaming and Superbet, is brighter than ever. In this era of rapid digital transformation, such collaborations are not just about expanding market presence; they are about redefining the very essence of online gaming.


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