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Bacta Launches Influential Census for UK Gaming Machines & Arcades



Revolutionizing UK’s Gaming Landscape: Bacta’s Strategic Census to Empower the Amusement Arcade Sector

In a groundbreaking move, Bacta, the leading trade association for the UK’s gaming machine and amusement arcade industry, embarks on an ambitious census. This initiative is set to forge a fact-based foundation to amplify the sector’s influence in pivotal regulatory discussions. With stakes high on issues like stake and prize limits, gaming duty, and machine allocations, Bacta’s survey emerges as a critical tool in crafting evidence-backed arguments for industry advocacy. Dive into how this strategic census promises to reshape the future of UK gaming and entertainment.

Launching a Landmark Census

Bacta, representing over 450 member companies, introduces a comprehensive census to sculpt a detailed landscape of the UK’s gaming machine and amusement arcade sector. This survey, pivotal for accumulating data, seeks to bolster Bacta’s clout in industry-wide decision-making, ensuring members’ interests are vigorously represented in legislative circles.

The Core of Bacta’s Advocacy

The heart of this initiative lies in understanding the nuanced challenges and opportunities within the gaming and amusement arcade sector. With the looming White Paper consultation process, Bacta’s focus sharpens on key regulatory matters, including stake and prize limits, gaming duty adjustments, and potential changes to machine number allocations. This nuanced understanding is crucial for presenting cogent, data-driven narratives to policymakers and regulatory bodies.

The Bacta Fact File: A Data-Driven Approach

National President John Bollom emphasizes the creation of the Bacta Fact File—an extensive database of industry insights that will serve as a testament to the sector’s significance within the broader leisure and entertainment industry. This data bank, continuously updated with census findings, aims to empower Bacta’s lobbying efforts, enhancing its persuasiveness with the Government and the Gambling Commission.


A Unified Call to Action

Bollom’s appeal to Bacta’s vast membership underscores the census’s criticality in the association’s modernization agenda. By rallying members to submit their surveys by the March deadline, Bacta aspires to consolidate a unified, comprehensive industry portrait, enriching its advocacy and influence on forthcoming regulatory reforms.

Looking Ahead: A Second Survey and Ongoing Dialogue

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the gaming and amusement sector, Bacta anticipates conducting a subsequent survey later in the year. This sustained effort reflects Bacta’s commitment to adapting its strategies and arguments to the evolving industry landscape, ensuring members’ interests are continuously upheld.

Bacta’s Support for Proposed Machine Ratios

Amidst these initiatives, Bacta has voiced support for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s consultation on gaming machine ratios within arcades and bingo halls. The proposed 3:1 ratio of Category B3 to C/D machines is heralded by Bacta as a balanced approach that preserves the industry’s competitive edge while maintaining its identity as a provider of low stake, low prize entertainment.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of UK Gaming

Through its strategic census and relentless advocacy, Bacta is not just collecting data; it’s crafting the future of the UK’s gaming machine and amusement arcade sector. By harnessing a fact-based understanding of the industry, Bacta positions itself as a formidable force in shaping policies that foster growth, fairness, and responsibility in gaming. As the landscape evolves, Bacta’s initiatives promise to guide the sector towards a brighter, more prosperous future.


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