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Buffalo Slot Debuts in Ontario via BetMGM Casino



BetMGM Casino Revolutionizes Ontario’s iGaming Scene with the Launch of Iconic Buffalo Slot

A gaming revolution sweeps across Ontario with the latest unveiling by BetMGM Casino. The legendary Buffalo Slot, a name that echoes through casino halls, makes its digital debut. This move promises to elevate the online gaming experience for players in Ontario. Explore the journey of Buffalo Slot from land-based fame to online phenomenon.

In a bold move that underscores its commitment to enhancing the online gaming landscape, BetMGM Casino has embarked on an ambitious expansion across North America, with Ontario, Canada, becoming the latest beneficiary. The acclaimed Buffalo Slot, a game that has captivated millions in brick-and-mortar casinos, is now set to conquer the digital realm in Ontario. This strategic launch not only demonstrates BetMGM’s innovative approach but also signals a new era in the provincial online gaming sector.

From Casino Floors to Digital Screens

Originally crafted by Aristocrat, the Buffalo Slot has undergone a digital transformation by Anaxi, BetMGM’s Real Money Gaming business. The transition from a physical machine to an online slot is nothing short of remarkable. Anchored in a five-by-four grid and boasting 20 paylines, the online version retains the essence of its land-based predecessor while incorporating modern slot development technology. This fusion of tradition and innovation ensures that the essence of Buffalo’s gameplay remains intact, appealing to both long-time fans and new players alike.

A Game of Unmatched Caliber

The introduction of Buffalo Slot to Ontario’s players is more than just an addition to BetMGM’s impressive game library; it’s a testament to the game’s unparalleled success across jurisdictions. BetMGM CRO, Matt Prevost, highlighted the game’s track record, noting its stellar performance and the anticipation of its positive impact on the Ontario market. This enthusiasm is backed by accolades from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, which recognized Buffalo as the Top Performing Omnichannel Slot, underscoring its widespread appeal and exceptional design.


Buffalo’s Wild Legacy

Buffalo Slot’s journey from casino floors to the forefront of iGaming innovation is a story of adaptability and excellence. The game’s wildlife-themed graphics and the iconic “Buffalo!” call have become symbols of gaming excitement, resonating with players across the globe. Anaxi’s adept translation of this land-based legend to the online platform has been lauded by BetMGM VP of Gaming, Angus Nisbet, who praised the seamless adaptation that preserves the game’s original charm.

Enriching BetMGM’s Diverse Portfolio

BetMGM’s commitment to offering a broad array of casino games is unparalleled in North America. With more than 3,600 titles spanning various genres and themes, the addition of Buffalo Slot further solidifies the company’s position as a leader in the online casino space. The introduction of flagship titles like Buffalo Slot not only enriches BetMGM’s offering but also enhances the gaming experience for players, providing them with access to a mix of classic and modern games.

Setting New Benchmarks in iGaming

The launch of Buffalo Slot in Ontario marks a significant milestone for BetMGM Casino, reaffirming its role as a pioneer in the iGaming industry. Having been the first to introduce Buffalo Online Slot in New Jersey in 2023, BetMGM continues to lead the way in bringing innovative and engaging content to players across its markets. This strategic expansion into Ontario with Buffalo Slot exemplifies BetMGM’s dedication to setting new benchmarks in online gaming, offering players unparalleled gaming experiences that combine the best of both traditional and digital worlds.

In conclusion, the arrival of Buffalo Slot in Ontario through BetMGM Casino is a game-changer, promising to transform the online gaming scene in the province. By bridging the gap between land-based and online casinos, BetMGM not only enriches its diverse portfolio of games but also provides Ontario players with an immersive gaming experience that is both nostalgic and cutting-edge. As BetMGM continues to expand its footprint and innovate within the iGaming industry, the launch of Buffalo Slot in Ontario is a vivid reminder of the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and player satisfaction.


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