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Peter & Sons: Pioneering Unmatched Slot Creativity and Game Innovation



The Genesis of Peter & Sons: Crafting a Legacy in iGaming

In 2019, a team of six seasoned professionals in mobile casino and game development united to form Peter & Sons – a studio that would redefine the landscape of online slots. The founders, having previously collaborated within a major online casino operator, brought a wealth of expertise and a shared vision of excellence. The name Peter & Sons was chosen to embody tradition and heritage, symbolizing the transition from retail slot machines to the digital realm.

Cultivating a Unique Studio Culture and Brand Identity

Peter & Sons is built on five foundational pillars that shape every aspect of its operations. Creativity is at the forefront, driving the team to explore new frontiers and set industry trends. The studio proudly embraces its anti-boring ethos, ensuring that every game is a distinct journey. Attention to detail, ease of collaboration, and player-centricity are the other pillars that guide the company’s pursuit of perfection and player satisfaction.

Standing Out in a Competitive Market

In the dynamic iGaming industry, Peter & Sons stands out by adhering to its core values and consistently delivering innovative game mechanics. The studio’s commitment to excellence is evident in every game it creates, making each title a unique adventure for players. The games are easily recognizable, thanks to their distinctive style and the clever incorporation of the Peter & Sons logo, which has become a signature easter egg in each release.

Revolutionizing Game Mechanics and Player Engagement

Peter & Sons is committed to innovating game mechanics by blending established concepts with new ideas, ensuring a fresh and engaging player experience. This approach is evident in titles like Frozen Age and Peter Hunter, which feature unique gameplay elements. By focusing on player preferences and integrating smart features into thematic elements, Peter & Sons has created a portfolio that resonates with a diverse audience.


Leveraging SkillOnNet’s Investment for Global Expansion

SkillOnNet’s investment in Peter & Sons has been a game-changer for the studio. This partnership provides Peter & Sons with the resources and support needed to focus on game development, while also benefiting from SkillOnNet’s extensive licensing network. This enables Peter & Sons to distribute its content globally, reaching key markets and tier-one operators through a single integration.

Celebrating Milestones and Setting the Stage for Future Growth

2023 was a monumental year for Peter & Sons, marked by significant achievements such as the SkillOnNet investment, the launch of a new website, team expansion, and securing various certifications and licenses. These accomplishments have laid a solid foundation for the studio’s continued success in 2024 and beyond.

Peter & Sons’ Strategy for Sustained Success

Moving forward, Peter & Sons is poised to capitalize on its strong foundation by expanding its commercial team and growing its distribution network. With the aim of partnering with top-tier operators in major markets, the studio is set to build on the momentum of its popular game titles and its reputation as an innovative and well-respected player in the iGaming industry.


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