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Armenian Parliament Approves New Gambling Tax Amendments



Armenian Parliament Approves Sweeping Gambling Amendments

Armenia’s parliament has made significant changes to gambling regulations, aiming to streamline the taxation process and curb offshore gambling operations.

Discover how these amendments aim to simplify tax procedures, support national revenue, and tackle gambling addiction.

Understand the new tax structures for gambling winnings and the rationale behind banning offshore gambling in Armenia.

Stay informed about the implications of these legislative changes on gambling operators and customers in Armenia.


Armenian Parliament Approves Sweeping Gambling Amendments

Armenia.- The Armenian parliament has recently approved substantial amendments to its gambling legislation, introducing pivotal changes that will impact taxation on gambling winnings and prohibit offshore gambling operations. These legislative modifications are part of the government’s broader strategy to enhance regulatory oversight, ensure fair taxation, and mitigate gambling-related issues within the country.

Simplifying Gambling Tax Structure

One of the primary focuses of the amendments is to simplify the taxation process for gambling winnings. The legislation differentiates between large and regular wins, adjusting the tax rates accordingly to ensure that gambling profits are adequately taxed without imposing excessive burdens on citizens.

Large Wins:

  • Defined as any win exceeding 5 million Armenian drams (€11,000).
  • Subject to a reduced income tax rate of 5 per cent, down from the previous 10 per cent.

Regular Wins:

  • Applies to any net win amount (winnings minus the bet placed) under 5 million drams.
  • Maintains the existing 10 per cent tax rate.

To facilitate compliance, gambling operators will act as tax agents for large wins, withholding the 5 per cent tax at the source. For smaller wins, the tax authorities will calculate the tax based on annual income declarations, ensuring a streamlined and transparent process.

Enhancing Regulatory Oversight

In addition to tax amendments, the Armenian parliament has also banned the operation and advertising of offshore gambling. This move is designed to strengthen regulatory control over the gambling industry and address concerns related to gambling addiction and financial transparency.


The new legislation includes the creation of a regulatory sub-division dedicated to the certification and monitoring of gambling activities. This entity will play a crucial role in ensuring that all gambling operations within Armenia comply with national standards and regulations.

Addressing Gambling Addiction

The Armenian government has been proactive in tackling gambling addiction, with recent measures aimed at curbing excessive gambling behavior. Last year, the National Assembly implemented a ban on cash payments for online betting and gaming. This regulation requires that online gambling accounts can only be topped up using cards issued by nationally licensed banks, thereby promoting safer gambling practices.

Legislative Support and Rationale

Babken Tunyan, chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, emphasized that the new measures are designed to provide clarity and consistency in the taxation of gambling winnings. He stated that the goal is to ensure gambling profits contribute to the national economy without imposing undue burdens on citizens.

Tunyan added, “These amendments are a step forward in creating a fair and transparent gambling environment in Armenia. By simplifying the tax structure and strengthening regulatory oversight, we aim to protect consumers and ensure that the gambling industry operates within a robust legal framework.”


Offshore Gambling Ban

The ban on offshore gambling is a significant aspect of the new legislation. By prohibiting the operation and advertising of offshore gambling platforms, Armenia aims to prevent unregulated gambling activities that can lead to financial and social harm.

The decision to ban offshore gambling aligns with global trends where jurisdictions are increasingly cracking down on unregulated gambling to protect consumers and ensure fair play. The new regulatory sub-division will be tasked with monitoring compliance and enforcing the ban, further strengthening Armenia’s commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Future Implications and Industry Response

The new gambling amendments are expected to have a profound impact on the gambling industry in Armenia. Licensed operators will need to adapt to the revised tax structures and comply with stricter regulatory requirements. Meanwhile, consumers can expect enhanced protections and greater transparency in gambling operations.

The gambling industry has generally welcomed the amendments, recognizing the need for a fair and transparent regulatory environment. Operators are particularly supportive of the simplified tax structure, which reduces administrative burdens and ensures a more straightforward compliance process.


Conclusion: A Positive Step Forward

Armenia’s recent gambling amendments represent a significant step towards creating a fair and regulated gambling environment. By simplifying the tax structure, banning offshore gambling, and enhancing regulatory oversight, the government aims to protect consumers, ensure fair play, and contribute to the national economy.

As these changes take effect, it will be crucial for both operators and consumers to stay informed about the new regulations and their implications. With a clear focus on responsible gambling and economic contribution, Armenia is setting a positive example for gambling regulation in the region.

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