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Dutch Government Assigns Gambling Policy to New Secretary of State



New Dutch Government Assigns Gambling Policy to New Secretary of State

The political landscape in the Netherlands is undergoing a significant transformation, which directly impacts the governance of gambling policies in the country.

The newly formed coalition government has decided to shift the responsibility of gambling policy to a new role – the Secretary of State for Legal Protection, falling under the Ministry of Justice. This strategic move marks a significant change in the way gambling regulations will be managed.

Discover how this change in governance will affect the Dutch gambling sector, the roles of key political figures involved, and the implications for responsible gambling practices. Learn about the recent updates to gambling rules and what operators need to comply with.

Stay informed about the latest regulatory changes and their impact on the gambling industry in the Netherlands. Engage with industry experts to understand the broader implications of this governmental restructuring.


New Dutch Government Assigns Gambling Policy to New Secretary of State

The Netherlands.- The recent formation of a coalition government in the Netherlands has resulted in a significant shift in the management of gambling policy. The newly established role of the Secretary of State for Legal Protection, which falls under the Ministry of Justice, will now be responsible for overseeing gambling regulations. This role replaces the former Minister for Legal Protection, previously held by Franc Weerwind.

A New Political Landscape

After six months of intense negotiations, the Party for Freedom (PPV), led by Geert Wilders, will head a conservative coalition with the Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the New Social Contract Party (NSC), and the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB). According to state broadcaster NOS, the NSC will be assigned the Secretary of State for Legal Protection role, with VVD’s David van Weel expected to be named the Minister of Justice.

This political shift also brings a change in leadership as Dick Scoof will assume the role of the Netherlands’ Prime Minister, succeeding Mark Rutte, who served for 14 years. The new government structure allocates five ministries to PPV, four to VVD and NSC each, and two to BBB. Franc Weerwind, who served as the Minister for Legal Protection since January 2022, will exit his role as part of these changes.

Implications for Gambling Policy

The transition of gambling policy oversight to the Secretary of State for Legal Protection marks a pivotal change. This role within the Ministry of Justice will handle all matters related to gambling regulations, aiming to ensure robust governance and compliance within the industry.


Recent Updates to Responsible Gambling Rules

In line with the new governmental structure, the Netherlands has introduced updated responsible gambling rules. These new measures, which were published in the Dutch official gazette, came into force on June 3. The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gambling regulator, highlighted key aspects of these rules, including mandatory financial checks for significant player deposits.

Operators are required to perform financial checks when players aged 18 to 24 deposit more than €300, and when players aged over 24 deposit more than €700. While the policy is already in effect, some regulations will be enforced starting October 1 to provide operators time to adjust their IT systems and increase their staff as necessary.

Strategic Focus on Responsible Gambling

The new responsible gambling rules aim to enhance player protection and ensure the integrity of the gambling sector. The regulations are designed to prevent excessive gambling by introducing financial thresholds that trigger additional scrutiny. This proactive approach aligns with global best practices for responsible gambling.

Looking Forward: The Role of the New Secretary of State

The new Secretary of State for Legal Protection will play a crucial role in implementing and enforcing these updated gambling regulations. This position is expected to provide stronger oversight and ensure that gambling operators comply with the new rules, thereby safeguarding the interests of players and maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry in the Netherlands.



The restructuring of gambling policy oversight to the Secretary of State for Legal Protection within the Ministry of Justice signifies a strategic shift in the Dutch government’s approach to regulating the gambling industry. With updated responsible gambling rules already in place, the new governance structure aims to enhance regulatory compliance and player protection.

As the new government settles into its roles, stakeholders in the gambling industry should stay informed about ongoing regulatory changes and their implications. Engaging with industry experts and understanding the broader context of these developments will be crucial for navigating the evolving regulatory landscape in the Netherlands.

Stay tuned for further updates on how these changes will shape the future of gambling regulation in the Netherlands and what it means for industry stakeholders and players alike.


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