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NY Introduces Bill to Legalize Online Poker



New York’s Bold Leap into Online Poker: Analyzing the Implications of SB9226

A Game-Changing Move for Online Poker in New York

In the vibrant corridors of New York’s legislative chambers, a groundbreaking bill is sparking debates and hopes alike.

Introduced by Senator Joseph Addabbo, SB9226 aims to revolutionize the online poker scene in New York by framing poker as a game of skill, not mere chance.

This legislation could potentially open the gates to a flourishing online poker industry, driving economic benefits and offering new entertainment avenues for New Yorkers.

Dive deeper to understand the intricacies of SB9226, the strategic moves behind it, and what it means for the future of online gaming in New York.


The Genesis of SB9226

In a strategic legislative move, Senator Joseph Addabbo has introduced SB9226, a bill that seeks to formally legalize and regulate online Omaha Hold’em and Texas Hold’em games in New York. This proposal is currently under scrutiny by the Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee, marking a pivotal moment in the state’s approach to digital gambling.

Defining Poker: Skill Over Chance

A cornerstone of SB9226 is its definition of poker as a game of skill. This classification is crucial as it navigates around traditional gambling restrictions, which often hinge on the element of chance as a basis for regulation. By emphasizing skill, the bill aligns itself with a growing recognition of poker’s intellectual and strategic dimensions, paving the way for legislative acceptance.

Economic Implications and Licensing

Senator Addabbo’s bill proposes the issuance of up to ten online poker licenses, each carrying a significant $10 million fee, valid for ten years. This fee structure not only promises a substantial revenue stream for the state via the commercial gaming fund but also positions New York as a competitive hub for major online poker operators. The first five years offer an added incentive, allowing the license fee to be offset against taxes, enhancing the appeal for early adopters.

Taxation and Revenue

With a proposed 15 percent tax rate on gross gaming revenues, SB9226 aims to ensure that the state benefits economically from the regulation of online poker. This rate is competitively set to balance operator viability with public sector gains, funneling funds into state coffers that could support various public services or infrastructure projects.


Historical Context and Legislative Journey

The journey to this bill has not been without its challenges. A previous attempt by Senator Addabbo to push online casino gaming and poker faltered amidst legislative hesitations. However, the reintroduction in the form of SB9226 reflects a refined approach, learning from past obstacles and recalibrating strategies to align more closely with stakeholder expectations and the evolving digital landscape.

Stakeholder Engagement and Industry Response

The introduction of SB9226 has stirred various segments of the gambling and legislative community. While many industry stakeholders show enthusiastic support, citing potential for market growth and innovation, others express caution, emphasizing the need for robust regulatory frameworks to address potential risks such as gambling addiction and cyber security.

Looking Ahead: Impacts and Industry Dynamics

As SB9226 moves through the legislative process, its implications for the broader gambling industry in New York are profound. Beyond merely legalizing online poker, the bill sets the stage for a regulated, safe, and competitive market. It also positions New York at the forefront of states adapting to the intersection of technology and gambling.

Conclusion: A Strategic Bet on New York’s Future

Senator Addabbo’s SB9226 represents more than just a legislative proposal; it is a strategic bet on the future of entertainment, technology, and regulation in New York. As stakeholders from all corners watch closely, the bill’s progression will offer key insights into the shifting paradigms of gambling legislation in the digital age.


Whether you are a gaming enthusiast, a legal expert, or simply a curious New Yorker, staying informed about SB9226 is essential. Engage with the ongoing discussions, participate in public comment periods, and monitor its journey through the Senate to grasp how it might reshape New York’s digital and economic landscape.

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