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Curaçao revises LOK that requires lawyers obtain certification from regulatory body



Curaçao Revises Legal Framework in Remote Gambling Bill to Improve Regulatory Independence

Curaçao’s Ministry of Finance introduces pivotal amendments to its remote gambling bill, signaling a major overhaul in regulatory practices.

The revised National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK) aims to strike a balance between rigorous oversight and the autonomy of legal professionals in the gambling sector.

Imagine a more transparent, fair, and independently regulated gambling industry in Curaçao, poised to set higher standards in compliance and governance.

Dive into the specifics of these legislative adjustments and their implications for stakeholders within and beyond Curaçao.


Legislative Overhaul in Curaçao’s Gambling Sector

Curaçao’s remote gambling sector is undergoing significant legislative transformations, as evidenced by recent amendments to the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK). This move, driven by feedback from various island stakeholders, marks a strategic shift towards enhancing the regulatory framework governing the island’s gambling activities.

The Shift in Legal Requirements

Initially, the LOK required all gambling industry lawyers to be accredited by the Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA). However, following robust feedback, including pointed criticism from the Curaçao Bar Association, this mandate has been relaxed. Lawyers will now have the option to obtain a three-year certificate from the CGA, though it will not be compulsory for working with license holders.

Stakeholder Involvement and Criticism

The revision process has been notably inclusive, incorporating insights from the island’s parliament, the Advisory Council (RvA), and the Dutch government’s Temporary Work Organisation (TWO). This broad spectrum of feedback underscores the government’s commitment to a democratic and consultative approach in refining the gambling legislation. The TWO, in particular, plays a crucial role as it oversees the implementation of reforms agreed upon between Curaçao and the Netherlands in 2020, aimed at overhauling the offshore gambling sector.

Enhancing CGA’s Independence

Among the key amendments is the strengthening of the CGA’s autonomy. New measures ensure that the CGA’s board of directors operates independently and transparently, crucial steps that align with past recommendations from the RvA and are aimed at mitigating any conflicts of interest within the regulatory body.


Regulatory and Compliance Reforms

Further amendments focus on direct oversight of licensing fees by the CGA, a move precipitated by concerns that the previous framework did not align with the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendations. This adjustment is part of broader efforts to increase regulatory standards and compliance within the sector, ensuring that Curaçao can meet international regulatory expectations.

The Bigger Picture in Regulatory Reform

The ongoing legislative reforms in Curaçao are part of a larger effort to revamp the offshore gaming sector, which has historically operated under a framework that allowed licensees considerable leeway through indirect oversight by master license holders. This structure has been criticized for its lack of direct regulatory scrutiny by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

International and Domestic Responses

The reform efforts have not been without international scrutiny. Alexandra van Huffelen, Dutch State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitalisation, has voiced concerns about the procedural aspects of these reforms, particularly the timing and methodology of legislative submissions. Her critique highlights the delicate balance Curaçao must maintain in navigating both local stakeholder interests and international expectations.

Looking Forward: Implications and Expectations

As Curaçao continues to refine its legislative framework for gambling, the global gaming community watches closely. The reforms are expected to bring about a more robust, transparent, and fair gambling industry in Curaçao, potentially setting a precedent for other jurisdictions. Stakeholders within and outside of Curaçao anticipate that these changes will lead to greater investor confidence and a more reputable gambling sector.


Conclusion: Setting New Standards

Curaçao’s ambitious legislative overhaul in its gambling sector signifies a crucial step towards establishing a more regulated and internationally compliant gaming environment. By addressing critical issues such as legal accreditation, regulatory independence, and direct oversight, Curaçao is poised to redefine its position in the global gaming market, promoting a safer and more accountable gambling landscape.

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