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KSA Chair Urges Stronger RG Measures for Land-Based Casinos



Navigating New Frontiers: A Call for Enhanced Responsible Gambling Measures in the Netherlands’ Land-Based Casinos

Amidst a transformative era for gambling in the Netherlands, René Jansen, the outgoing KSA chairman, is making a compelling call to action.

With the surge in gambling’s popularity, the imperative to safeguard participants from the risks associated with excessive gambling has never been more pressing.

Envision a gambling landscape where every venue operates with the utmost commitment to player safety and responsible gambling.

Discover the essential measures René Jansen advocates for to foster a safer gambling environment in the Netherlands’ land-based casinos.


Urgent Call for Enhanced Responsible Gambling Measures

René Jansen, the outgoing chairman of the Netherlands’ gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has emphatically called for the land-based casino industry to intensify its efforts to combat irresponsible gambling. This appeal was made during his speech at the Casino Operations Summit in Amsterdam, emphasizing the critical need for more robust safeguards to prevent gambling-related harm.

A Close Inspection of Current Practices

During his tenure, Jansen has witnessed substantial changes within the Dutch gambling sector, including the historic legalization of online gambling in 2021. His experiences visiting various arcades and casinos across the country revealed significant gaps in the implementation of responsible gambling (RG) practices. Notably, many venues lacked effective monitoring of players to protect them from excessive gambling—no arcade visited by Jansen had established maximum time limits for play, particularly concerning in 24-hour facilities.

The Inadequacies in Monitoring and Control

Jansen pointed out several areas where land-based venues fell short:

  • Lack of player monitoring: Venues failed to adequately track or limit the duration of play and the number of machines used by a single player simultaneously.
  • Insufficient use of CRUKS: The national self-exclusion scheme (CRUKS) was underutilized, with ineffective controls at venue entrances making it too easy for self-excluded individuals to gain access.
  • Inadequate employee training: Although staff were familiar with CRUKS, their ability to proactively register players or recognize signs of problem gambling was not up to the needed standards.

Proposed Enhancements for Responsible Gambling

In response to these challenges, Jansen advocated for a series of measures aimed at tightening controls around land-based gambling:

  • Introduction of time and machine limits: Establishing clear limits on how long and how many machines can be played at once.
  • Improving CRUKS effectiveness: Enhancing the integration and enforcement of the self-exclusion system to ensure it serves its purpose.
  • Educating and empowering employees: Boosting training programs to enable staff to better identify and take action against problem gambling behaviors.

The Role of Modern Technology in Responsible Gambling

Looking ahead, Jansen emphasized the importance of modernizing gambling legislation to incorporate more “smart” arcades. These venues would utilize cashless play systems, enabling easier monitoring of player behavior and betting patterns. Such technology could also mitigate money laundering risks, aligning with broader regulatory objectives.

Reflecting on the Impact of Regulatory Changes

The recent legislative developments, including the proposed bans on untargeted online gambling advertising and high-risk betting options like online slots, underscore the evolving regulatory landscape in the Netherlands. These changes, driven by increased scrutiny from both the government and the public, highlight the growing emphasis on consumer protection in gambling.


The Future of Gambling Regulation in the Netherlands

As Jansen prepares to conclude his tenure in October 2024, the gambling industry in the Netherlands stands at a crossroads. The ongoing debates and legislative reviews will determine the path forward, particularly in how online and land-based gambling markets are regulated. The ultimate goal, as outlined by Jansen and supported by various stakeholders, is to create a gambling environment that is safe, responsible, and sustainable.

Conclusion: A Call for Collective Action

René Jansen’s tenure as KSA chairman has been marked by significant regulatory advancements and a steadfast commitment to responsible gambling. His call for stricter measures in land-based venues is a clarion call to the industry to prioritize player protection above all. As the Netherlands continues to navigate the complexities of gambling regulation, the principles and actions set forth by Jansen will undoubtedly influence the future direction of the industry, aiming for a balance between economic benefits and social responsibility.

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