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Ukraine Dissolves Gambling Regulator Amidst Regulatory Changes



A New Era for Ukrainian Gambling: Parliament Votes to Dissolve KRAIL Amidst Regulatory Overhaul

In a landmark decision, Ukraine’s parliament has voted to dissolve the key gambling regulator, KRAIL, reshaping the future of gambling in the nation.

Amidst the backdrop of ongoing conflict and societal concerns, this move is set to redefine how gambling is governed and regulated in Ukraine.

Uncover the implications of this pivotal change and what it means for the protection of societal interests and the gambling landscape.

Read on to explore the complex interplay of law, governance, and societal values in Ukraine’s evolving gambling sector.


Transformative Changes in Ukraine’s Gambling Regulation

On April 24, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, took a decisive step by voting to liquidate the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL). This vote follows the introduction of draft law no. 9256d by Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, which proposed a significant overhaul of the existing regulatory framework.

The Catalysts for Regulatory Reform

The decision to dissolve KRAIL did not occur in isolation. It was influenced by various factors, including operational challenges during wartime and public concerns about the impacts of gambling. Notably, a petition initiated by Pavlo Petrychenko, a soldier from the 59th brigade, garnered significant public support, highlighting the perceived negative effects of gambling on Ukrainian society and the military. This petition swiftly received over 26,000 signatures, necessitating presidential consideration.

Legislative and Public Response

The swift response to the public’s outcry was evident in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address on April 2, where he directed authorities to tighten control over the online gambling industry to protect societal interests. This directive was part of a broader governmental strategy to address the immediate concerns raised by both the public and lawmakers about the gambling sector’s influence during a sensitive period.

Operational Challenges Leading to Dissolution

The functionality of KRAIL had been compromised even before the parliamentary vote. Several commission members were mobilized into military service due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, severely affecting the body’s ability to conduct meetings and perform its regulatory duties, such as issuing gambling licenses timely.


Draft Law No. 9256d and Its Provisions

The draft law championed by Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov, which was backed by 272 lawmakers, outlines not only the dissolution of KRAIL but also introduces measures to restrict gambling activities further. These measures include a comprehensive ban on advertising and new tools to protect vulnerable populations, alongside enhanced control measures over gambling operations.

The Financial Context of Gambling in Ukraine

Despite the re-regulation of online gambling in 2020, the sector’s impact on the state’s finances has been significant. According to Danylo Hetmantsev, chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee, gambling businesses contributed approximately UAH 2.2 billion in taxes for 2024, following a substantial UAH 10.4 billion in 2023. These figures underscore the economic importance of gambling, juxtaposed against the backdrop of regulatory and societal challenges.

Future of Gambling Regulation in Ukraine

Following KRAIL’s disbandment, its regulatory functions are set to be transferred to the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This transition is expected to lead to the creation of a new regulatory body under the ministry’s oversight, aiming to incorporate digital innovation into gambling regulation.

Expert Insights and Predictions

Alina Plyushch, a partner at the Kyiv-based law firm Sayenko Kharenko, sheds light on the complexities of regulating online gambling, particularly during wartime. She emphasizes the challenges of banning online casinos due to the nature of the internet and potential avenues for circumvention.


Conclusion: Navigating a New Regulatory Landscape

As Ukraine continues to navigate through its profound regulatory and societal changes, the dissolution of KRAIL marks a significant moment in the nation’s gambling history. The shift towards a more controlled and digitally oriented regulatory framework under the Ministry of Digital Transformation reflects a strategic adaptation to both wartime exigencies and evolving public concerns. This pivotal transition is expected to shape the future of gambling in Ukraine, balancing economic benefits against the imperative of societal protection.

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