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Delaware to Expand Mobile Sports Betting with New Legislation



Delaware Eyes Broader Horizons: Expansion of Mobile Sports Betting on the Cards

Delaware Sets the Stage for a Major Shift in Sports Betting—In a pivotal move that could transform the sports betting landscape in Delaware, state legislators have introduced House Bill 365, an ambitious amendment aimed at expanding mobile sports betting across the state. This legislative effort seeks to diversify the number of operators and introduce a more competitive market environment, promising enhanced revenues and increased contributions to public welfare programs. As stakeholders eagerly anticipate the outcomes, the potential for a broader and more dynamic betting ecosystem in Delaware looks increasingly promising.

Overview of House Bill 365

Introduced in the Delaware House of Representatives, House Bill 365 represents a significant overhaul of the current sports betting framework. Initially restricted to a single operator when online sports betting was approved in 2023, this bill proposes a more inclusive approach by allowing casinos to partner with multiple sportsbooks. This change aims to stimulate competition, improve consumer choice, and drive technological innovation within the industry.

Licensing and Financial Implications

Under the new bill, potential internet sports lottery operators would be required to pay a licensing fee of $500,000 for an initial five-year term. This substantial investment underscores the state’s commitment to establishing a robust regulatory framework that ensures responsible and fair gambling practices. Additionally, operators would contribute 18% of their monthly profits back to the state, a stipulation that not only enhances state revenues but also ensures that the gambling industry contributes significantly to the economic ecosystem.

Allocation for Racing Commissions

A unique aspect of House Bill 365 is its provision for the racing industry—a critical component of Delaware’s sporting culture. Approximately 1.5% of the proceeds from sports betting revenues would be allocated to either the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission or the Delaware Harness Racing Commission. This funding is essential for supporting the horse racing sector, ensuring that it remains vibrant and sustainable amidst the growing focus on digital betting platforms.


Benefits to Public Welfare Programs

State Rep. Franklin Cooke, a co-sponsor of the bill, emphasized the social benefits of expanding mobile sports betting. A projected 3.5% of the processed returns, estimated at around $400,000, would be dedicated to programs addressing compulsive and problem gambling. These funds are crucial for providing necessary treatment, education, and assistance to those affected by gambling addiction, reflecting the state’s proactive approach to gambling-related challenges.

Legislative Process and Public Discourse

House Bill 365 is currently under review by the House Administration Committee, with a hearing expected within the next twelve legislative days. This period is crucial for public and stakeholder engagement, as it provides an opportunity for debate, discussion, and refinement of the bill to best meet the needs of Delaware residents and the gambling community.

Looking Ahead: Implications for Delaware’s Gambling Landscape

The introduction of House Bill 365 is timely, following recommendations from the Internet Sports Lottery Legislative Working Group formed in 2023. This group’s insights have been instrumental in shaping a bill that not only aims to expand gambling operations but also ensures that such expansion is conducted responsibly and ethically. If passed, the bill will likely catalyze further legislative and business interest in Delaware’s gambling sector, potentially positioning the state as a leader in the evolving U.S. sports betting market.

Conclusion: A Strategic Move with Far-reaching Effects

The proposed expansion of mobile sports betting in Delaware through House Bill 365 is more than just a legislative change—it’s a strategic shift towards a more inclusive and economically beneficial gambling framework. By allowing multiple operators and setting strict financial and ethical guidelines, Delaware is not only looking to enhance its market but also to ensure that the gambling ecosystem operates transparently and contributes positively to society. As this bill moves through the legislative process, it represents a critical opportunity for Delaware to redefine its gambling landscape and set a benchmark for other states considering similar expansions.


Stay Informed and Engaged

For those interested in the future of gambling in Delaware and beyond, staying informed about developments like House Bill 365 is crucial. This legislation not only impacts the immediate stakeholders but also sets the tone for how gambling will evolve in terms of technology, regulation, and social responsibility. As the debate unfolds, engaging with the process can provide valuable insights and influence the outcomes in ways that ensure the gambling industry grows responsibly and inclusively.

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