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Swedish Court Cuts Mr Green’s Fine to SEK12m



Swedish Court Significantly Reduces Mr Green’s Gambling Fine

Discover the significant reduction in fines imposed on Mr Green by the Swedish court and its implications for the gambling industry.

The recent court ruling has more than halved the fines initially imposed on Mr Green, highlighting key regulatory challenges and enforcement practices in Sweden’s gambling sector.

Understand how the Supreme Administrative Court’s guiding ruling influenced the decision and what it means for future regulatory compliance.

Stay informed on regulatory updates and the evolving landscape of gambling compliance in Sweden and beyond.


Swedish Court Significantly Reduces Mr Green’s Gambling Fine

Background and Initial Fine

In 2021, Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling regulator, issued significant fines totaling SEK31.5m (€2.7m) against Mr Green, a well-known operator in the online gambling industry. These fines were levied due to anti-money laundering (AML) failures and breaches of duty of care, identified during a thorough review of 15 customer accounts. The regulator found that Mr Green had not made sufficient contact with customers who had made large deposits and experienced substantial losses, exceeding their declared taxable incomes over several years.

Court of Appeal’s Decision

Recently, the Court of Appeal reviewed Spelinspektionen’s decision and ruled to reduce the fines from SEK31.5m to SEK12m. The court acknowledged that Spelinspektionen was correct in issuing a fine but concluded that the amount should be adjusted in accordance with a guiding ruling from the Supreme Administrative Court on the calculation of penalty fees. This significant reduction underscores the importance of proportionality in regulatory enforcement and the judiciary’s role in balancing regulatory actions.

Implications for Mr Green

The reduction in fines is a notable victory for Mr Green, both financially and reputationally. By cutting the fine by more than half, the court has alleviated some of the financial pressures on the operator. However, the decision also serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for stringent AML measures and robust customer due diligence practices within the gambling industry. Mr Green must continue to enhance its compliance frameworks to prevent future breaches and align with regulatory expectations.

Broader Industry Impact

The court’s decision to reduce Mr Green’s fine follows a similar trend observed in other recent cases. Last month, the fine against Kindred’s Spooniker subsidiary was reduced from SEK100m (€8.7m) to SEK30m (€2.6m). Spelinspektionen had originally fined Spooniker for breaches of bonus rules dating back to 2019, which included offering multiple bonuses and financial incentives that contravened Sweden’s Gambling Act. The Act permits only a single bonus offer upon sign-up for new customers.


These rulings highlight a broader trend in which the Swedish judiciary is taking a more measured approach to regulatory penalties, ensuring they are fair and proportionate to the offenses committed. This approach not only impacts the penalized operators but also sets a precedent for future regulatory enforcement and compliance standards within the industry.

Ongoing Compliance Challenges

In April, the Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, issued three injunctions against Mr Green for violations of Denmark’s Money Laundering Act. These breaches included deficiencies in risk assessments, inadequate business processes, and insufficient documentation. The regulator also pursued legal action against Mr Green for failing to report suspicions of money laundering. These incidents underscore the persistent challenges that gambling operators face in maintaining compliance across different jurisdictions with varying regulatory requirements.

Future of Regulatory Compliance

The recent court decisions in Sweden and regulatory actions in Denmark reflect an evolving landscape of gambling compliance. Operators like Mr Green and Spooniker must navigate complex regulatory environments and ensure their practices meet stringent AML standards and customer protection measures. The reduction in fines, while beneficial in the short term, should not detract from the critical importance of robust compliance frameworks and proactive regulatory engagement.


The Swedish Court of Appeal’s decision to reduce Mr Green’s fine from SEK31.5m to SEK12m marks a significant development in the enforcement of gambling regulations in Sweden. This ruling, alongside similar adjustments in other cases, emphasizes the need for proportionality and fairness in regulatory penalties. For operators, it highlights the importance of maintaining rigorous compliance standards to avoid substantial fines and protect their reputations.


As the gambling industry continues to evolve, operators must stay abreast of regulatory changes and prioritize compliance to ensure sustainable growth and maintain trust with regulators and customers alike.

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