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Dominican Republic blacklists William Hill, Bet365, 888Sport and Betsson



Dominican Republic’s Regulatory Revamp: A New Dawn for Online Gambling

A Pivotal Moment in Dominican Gambling Regulation

The Dominican Republic stands on the brink of a gambling revolution, introducing stringent regulations to reinvigorate its online gambling landscape. As the Dirección de Casinos y Juegos de Azar (DCJA) rolls out Resolution 136-2024, a wave of change sweeps over operators, marking a decisive moment for legal online gambling in the country. This regulatory makeover aims to streamline operations, promote responsible gambling, and safeguard against money laundering, setting a new benchmark for the industry. Dive into the intricacies of this regulatory overhaul and its implications for operators and players alike.

The Catalyst of Change: Resolution 136-2024

Signed into law on March 26, 2024, Resolution 136-2024 represents a groundbreaking shift towards a more regulated and transparent online gambling sector in the Dominican Republic. Managed by the Ministerio de Hacienda (Ministry of Finance), the DCJA now wields the authority to issue licenses to online casinos and lotteries, heralding a new era of accountability and regulatory compliance.

Redefining Online Gambling Operations

With the new licensing framework, operators lacking official certification will find themselves unauthorized to engage in gambling activities within the nation’s borders. This move aligns with Law 155-17, emphasizing the government’s commitment to combating money laundering and terrorist financing through stringent regulatory practices.

Navigating the Blacklist

A significant development accompanying the new regulations is the publication of a blacklist, featuring 41 operators including prominent names like 888Sport, Betway, Betsson, and William Hill. This list signifies the DCJA’s resolve to purge the market of unlicensed entities, ensuring that gambling activities within the Dominican Republic adhere to legal and ethical standards.


A Call for Responsible and Legal Play

The DCJA’s initiative underscores the importance of engaging in gambling activities through authorized channels, advocating for a gambling environment characterized by fairness, security, and responsibility. Players are urged to verify operator credentials through official means, steering clear of unregulated platforms.

The Historical Context of Online Gambling in the Dominican Republic

Online gambling’s roots in the Dominican Republic trace back to 2006, with the sector experiencing gradual evolution. The first license was issued to Amaya, now part of Flutter Entertainment, in 2011. However, the regulatory landscape remained largely theoretical until the advent of Resolution 136-2024, poised to invigorate the domain with robust regulatory mechanisms.

Licensing and Regulation Under the New Law

Under the revamped legal framework, each license—spanning casino operations, sports betting, and other applications—boasts a five-year validity and introduces specific financial prerequisites. The meticulous approach to licensing aims to attract serious operators committed to upholding the highest standards of online gambling.

The Road Ahead: Implementing the New Regulations

The official launch of the regulatory process, initiated by official letter DM-051-2024, culminates years of deliberation and drafting. The comprehensive resolution, encompassing a broad spectrum of operational, financial, and technical requirements, sets the stage for a competitive and revenue-generating regulated market.


Taxation and Operator Obligations

While specific taxation rates for online operations remain under discussion, the framework outlines rigorous requirements for foreign operators, including local registration and adherence to the ‘.do’ domain mandate. These measures aim to bolster the integrity and local engagement of the gambling sector.

Conclusion: Charting a Responsible Future for Gambling in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s ambitious regulatory overhaul via Resolution 136-2024 marks a significant milestone in the nation’s gambling history. By fostering a safe, fair, and regulated online gambling environment, the DCJA not only aims to protect consumers but also to establish the Dominican Republic as a model of responsible gambling governance in the Caribbean and beyond. As operators and stakeholders navigate these new regulations, the promise of a revitalized and thriving gambling sector looms large, heralding a prosperous future for legal online gambling in the Dominican Republic.

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