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Italy’s Online Betting Reform: New Reorganization Decree Introduced



Navigating the Shift: Italy’s Bold Steps in Online Betting Regulation

A Turning Point for Italy’s Online Betting Landscape

Italy is on the cusp of a transformative era in its online betting sector. The Italian government, spearheaded by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), has initiated the Reorganization Decree, a groundbreaking legislative reform. This development represents a decisive move to recalibrate and modernize Italy’s approach to online gambling, aligning it with contemporary needs and responsible gaming practices.

Central to this decree is the commitment to safeguard vulnerable individuals, especially minors, from the risks associated with gambling. The government’s strategy includes disseminating cautionary messages and incorporating self-restriction tools on gaming platforms. These initiatives are pivotal in fostering a safer gambling environment, underscoring Italy’s dedication to addressing gambling-related harm at its core.

Revamping Licensing and Taxation Frameworks. Financial Implications of the Reorganization Decree

A critical component of the Reorganization Decree is the overhaul of Italy’s licensing system for online betting operators. This reform is anticipated to generate essential funds for responsible gambling campaigns, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to industry regulation. Under the new framework, operators – known as ‘dealers’ – will be subject to a 3% tax on gaming services. Additionally, the decree has set the application fee for online betting licenses at €7 million, a considerable increase from the existing rate.

These financial adjustments have not gone unnoticed by sector unions, which have voiced their concerns over the marked rise in costs. This dissent highlights the delicate balance between regulatory objectives and industry sustainability.


Italy’s Firm Stance on Gaming Advertisement and Compliance.

In related developments, Italy has demonstrated its commitment to enforcing gaming regulations, particularly concerning advertising. Alphabet Inc’s YouTube and the renowned streaming platform Twitch have faced the brunt of Italian lawmakers’ resolve. In December, both platforms were penalized for contravening the terms of the 2019 Dignity Decree, which strictly prohibits advertising gambling games.

YouTube incurred a fine of €2.25 million, while Twitch was fined €900,000, signaling Italy’s serious stance on gaming reform. These actions underscore the country’s dedication to enforcing its gambling laws rigorously and ensuring compliance from all stakeholders, including prominent digital platforms.

Italy’s Legislative Reform: A Model for Responsible Gaming

Italy’s proactive approach in reforming its online betting sector sets a significant precedent for other countries grappling with similar challenges. The Reorganization Decree is not just about regulatory compliance; it’s a holistic strategy to foster a responsible gaming culture and protect the welfare of consumers. Italy’s efforts mirror a growing global trend towards tighter regulation and oversight of the gaming market, aiming to strike a balance between economic benefits and social responsibilities.

As Italy continues to refine its legislative framework, it is poised to become a benchmark for other nations seeking to modernize their gaming laws. The emphasis on responsible gaming, enhanced consumer protection, and a sustainable economic model serves as a blueprint for effective and ethical regulation in the ever-evolving world of online betting.


In conclusion, Italy’s legislative reforms in the online betting industry represent a significant step towards a more responsible and regulated gaming environment. The Reorganization Decree marks a new chapter in Italy’s gaming sector, prioritizing consumer protection, ethical practices, and industry sustainability. As these changes unfold, they offer valuable insights for global stakeholders in the gaming industry, highlighting the importance of adapting to evolving societal and regulatory landscapes.

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Dutch Regulator Intensifies Supervision in 2024 to Ensure Safe Gambling



Dutch Regulator KSA’s 2024 Supervisory Agenda Targets Responsible Gambling

As a seasoned gambling professional, staying updated on regulatory agendas is crucial for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. The Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has unveiled its ambitious Supervisory Agenda for 2024, outlining strategic initiatives to reinforce responsible gambling practices and combat illicit operations. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the key objectives set forth by the KSA, shedding light on the regulatory priorities shaping the Dutch gambling landscape in the coming year.

The KSA’s Supervisory Agenda for 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to promoting responsible gambling and safeguarding consumer welfare. Central to its mission is the amplification of “Safe Play” measures, aimed at fostering a secure and transparent gambling environment for all stakeholders. With a renewed emphasis on regulatory oversight, the KSA aims to bolster its supervisory framework to address emerging challenges and uphold the integrity of the Dutch gambling market.

In its pursuit of regulatory excellence, the KSA will intensify its scrutiny of operators’ duty of care measures, emphasising the importance of proactive interventions to prevent problem gambling behaviours. By implementing a data-driven approach to risk-based monitoring, the regulator aims to identify and mitigate potential harm swiftly, ensuring that operators fulfil their obligations to prioritise player protection.

Furthermore, the KSA’s agenda for 2024 includes targeted measures to disrupt the supply chain for unlicensed online gambling. Recognising the proliferation of illicit operators, the regulator will employ investigative tactics to dismantle unauthorised gambling networks and hold perpetrators accountable. Through rigorous enforcement actions and collaboration with law enforcement agencies, the KSA seeks to root out illegal gambling activities and preserve the integrity of the licensed gambling sector.


A key focal point of the KSA’s supervisory efforts will be the enforcement of advertising regulations, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding vulnerable demographics, including young people. In response to recent findings highlighting breaches in advertising standards, the regulator remains steadfast in its commitment to curbing irresponsible marketing practices and promoting socially responsible advertising within the gambling industry.

In a recent revelation, the KSA unveiled the results of its investigation into unlicensed gambling advertising, exposing widespread non-compliance among affiliate sites. Of the 33 gambling websites scrutinised, 14 were found to have flouted regulations, including targeting individuals who had self-excluded from gambling activities. Such violations underscore the urgency of the KSA’s enforcement efforts to curb illicit advertising practices and protect consumers from exploitative marketing tactics.

As the Dutch gambling landscape evolves, the KSA’s Supervisory Agenda for 2024 serves as a beacon of regulatory diligence and consumer protection. By prioritising responsible gambling initiatives and cracking down on illicit operators, the regulator reaffirms its commitment to fostering a safe, fair, and sustainable gambling environment for all. As industry professionals, it is imperative to align with the KSA’s vision and actively contribute to the advancement of responsible gambling practices in the Netherlands.


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