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IGT Withdraws Legal Challenge Against UK National Lottery License Award to Allwyn



IGT Concludes Legal Battle Over National Lottery License Decision

International Game Technology (IGT) has officially withdrawn its legal challenge regarding the UK National Lottery’s fourth license, initially awarded to Allwyn. This development marks a pivotal turn in the saga that has been a focal point in the UK’s gaming industry since 2022.

Legal Challenge Background and Court Developments

IGT’s challenge dates back to July 2022 when the company contested the Gambling Commission’s decision to name Allwyn as the successful bidder for the license. The Court of Appeal initially granted IGT permission to challenge the selection. However, by July 2023, IGT faced setbacks as the Court ruled the company lacked legal standing for a damages claim against the Commission.

IGT’s Strategic Withdrawal and Commission’s Response

After an unsuccessful appeal in September 2023, IGT requested the Court dismiss the appeal, effectively ceasing its pursuit for damages. The Gambling Commission reaffirmed its stance on conducting a fair and lawful evaluation process, emphasizing its commitment to the integrity of the National Lottery’s operation.

Camelot’s Similar Path and Resolution with Allwyn

IGT followed in the footsteps of Camelot Group, the National Lottery‘s operator since its inception in 1994. Camelot also legally contested the decision but eventually withdrew its challenge in September 2022, leading to a reconciliation with Allwyn, including a waiver of claims for costs or damages.


Allwyn and Camelot’s Transition from Rivals to Partners

The legal disputes between Allwyn and Camelot have evolved into a closer relationship. Allwyn’s acquisitions of Camelot UK and Camelot Lottery Solutions (now Allwyn North America) signify a strategic consolidation in the lottery sector. These acquisitions have significantly influenced Allwyn’s financial performance, evidenced by a 98% rise in consolidated total revenue in Q3 of 2023.

The UK Market at the Core of Allwyn’s Strategy

The UK has emerged as Allwyn’s core market, with substantial revenue growth following the acquisitions. Q3 2023 saw Allwyn’s UK total revenue reach €956.5 million, highlighting the strategic importance of the UK in Allwyn’s operations.

Looking Ahead: The National Lottery’s New Chapter

With the legal challenges resolved and Allwyn set to officially take over the National Lottery operation in February 2024, the UK’s gaming industry anticipates a new era. The focus now shifts to Allwyn’s commitment to innovation, growth, and increased contributions to good causes, supported by the legacy and expertise of Camelot Group.


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New Jersey Clears Evolution in High-Profile Misconduct Investigation



The NJDGE’s decision not only vindicates Evolution but also highlights the complexities of regulatory compliance in the global gaming industry. As Evolution moves beyond this investigation, its commitment to enhancing compliance processes and cooperating with regulatory bodies sets a benchmark for industry practices. The case serves as a reminder of the perpetual balance between innovation, market expansion, and adherence to international regulatory standards, with Evolution at the forefront of navigating these dynamics.

Introduction: A Resounding Clearance for Evolution

On February 20th, 2024, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) concluded a pivotal chapter in the gaming industry by dismissing allegations against Evolution, a leading provider in the sector. Stemming from November 2021, the case scrutinized claims that Evolution’s offerings breached U.S. trade sanctions, a situation that momentarily cast a shadow over the company’s operations and financial standing.

Allegations Dismissed: A Detailed Examination

The initial allegations suggested Evolution’s products were accessible in countries under U.S. sanctions, including Syria, Iran, and Sudan. Such claims, introduced by the law firm Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP, momentarily rattled Evolution’s market presence, wiping billions from its market capitalization. Evolution vehemently disputed these allegations, attributing them to an anonymous source with intentions to tarnish its reputation.

NJDGE’s Comprehensive Investigation

The NJDGE embarked on an exhaustive investigation to ascertain the validity of these allegations. Evolution cooperated fully, asserting its commitment to regulatory compliance and highlighting its sophisticated tools designed to block access from sanctioned countries. Ultimately, the NJDGE’s findings corroborated Evolution’s stance, revealing no evidence of the company’s engagement in prohibited jurisdictions.


Evolution’s Proactive Enhancements

Despite the clean bill of health, Evolution seized this opportunity to fortify its due diligence and compliance frameworks further. These enhancements, although not stemming from jurisdictional violations, received the NJDGE’s endorsement, showcasing Evolution’s dedication to maintaining the highest compliance standards.

Technical Manipulation and Geographical Checks

Evolution detailed the technical complexities involved in the alleged access from sanctioned territories. It pointed out that such access required sophisticated manipulation, including the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), to falsely represent a player’s geographical location. Evolution criticized these manipulations as deliberate attempts to bypass established geographical checks, aiming to undermine its credibility.

Operator Responsibility and Compliance

Evolution emphasized its role as a content provider, distancing itself from direct player interactions or financial transactions. The company underscored that its operator partners bear the responsibility for conducting thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, ensuring players’ compliance with geographical and regulatory requirements.

Ongoing Legal Challenges

Despite this significant regulatory clearance, Evolution continues to navigate legal waters with an ongoing class-action lawsuit. This separate legal battle accuses Evolution of misleading investors regarding its growth potential and compliance practices. The lawsuit underscores the intricate challenges facing global gaming providers amid evolving regulatory landscapes.


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